ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Shareable Planner, First Comment via CSV upload and much more...








Share Posts for Approval with a Public Link

We are super happy to announce this feature release. Finally, Content Studio can share posts via shareable links for external reviews from your clients or managers without logging in to the tool.

Now from the bulk action, you can select the option to “Share” the selected posts; you would need to provide a name for the link, and that's all. We’ve added the capability to password-protect the link, making it more secure as it will be accessible by anyone on the internet.

The link can be shared with all external reviewers of the posts, like the company’s Marketing Director, who is not added as a team member, but all posts need final approval from him before publishing. The external reviewers can either approve, reject or add a comment on the posts that reflect in the user’s planner module and can be viewed from the post preview or the side panel.

The links can be managed from the “Shared Links” button on the Planner module.

Screenshot from 2022-11-08 14-50-20.png

Shorten/Unshorten Links in Composer

While composing posts with shortened links, you can revert them to the original link just by clicking on them. This would also save you the trip to the settings section to disable link shortening.

When the link shortening is enabled, we automatically change the link provided to the shortener of your preference. Sometimes, it is better to post the original link rather than the shortened one. So why not a kill switch at post-composition to revert them to the original again? This is precisely what we have tried to do with this feature, providing a more user-friendly approach to shortening.

Click on a shortened link, and we will show you the original link. Then from the tooltip select the link, and it will be replaced.

PS: it also works vice-versa, i.e., switching from full length to shortened link.

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First Comment in Bulk Uploader via CSV

With this release, we are sending out the much-requested feature of adding the first comment through bulk uploader automation. Before this, the users would have to edit each post to add the first comment.

The CSV file now has an additional column for 'First Comment', making the format as:

Date and Time, Message, Image URL, Link, First Comment

Here is our template CSV file with posts + the first comment for a better idea of the structure of the CSV.

The first comment feature is available for all Facebook pages and groups, Instagram posts via Direct Publishing, and LinkedIn profiles and pages.

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Improvements & Bugs

  • We have redesigned the Caption Generation modal, improving the user interface and making it more interactive. Now, the modal will maintain a history of the generated captions, allowing the users to choose the captions that best fit their requirements.
  • In our earlier release, we had included the option for our users to schedule & create new, duplicate or keep the selected social accounts. In this release, we’ve made the labels more prominent as to what each would do.
  • The banner at the bottom that displayed the social accounts’ token status would take up the entire row and often had the user click on the slider to check each social account status. In this release, we’ve made it more compact and, on mouse over, show all of the expired social accounts or about to expire.
  • Approving or Rejecting a post in the Calendar view would act without any confirmation. This lead to the content getting scheduled on approval or rejected on mistaken clicks of the button. We’ve added the confirmation for these actions in this release.
  • The emojis selection drop-down would get hidden or would not open properly. This has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Composer module, adding a GIF format media asset would freeze the entire application making the application slow down. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Planner module, the comments on a post would overflow from the container and get hidden. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Composer module, the attempt to generate a caption from Replug shortened link would often fail. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Planner module’s Calendar view, dragging and dropping posts to reschedule was not functional and has been appropriately integrated in this release.
  • In the Planner module’s Feed view, the links would either lead nowhere or to a 404 page, making it difficult for the approver to check and verify. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Analytics module, a glitch caused the application not to send the scheduled reports via email. This issue has been fixed in this release.