New Billing & Plan Page

We have rolled out a major update to our billing section that makes it seamless to manage your subscriptions, upgrade their plan, or increase individual account limits.

1. Plan Details & Subscription


You'll be able to see the current subscription plan that you are enrolled into and your next renewal amount on the date.

You can also list the subscriptions that you have subscribed for. Plus, it gives you an option to "Update payment information against the subscription". Also, giving you an option to cancel the subscription.

2. Invoices/Transactions History

You can now download the invoices or the payments that you have made for the purchases.


By clicking on the receipt icon, you can print or download the invoice.

3. Credit Card Details

You can see the subscription credit card details which is used for your main subscription.


All the information related to your billing is stored inside which is our payment gateway provider. We do not hold any sensitive information related to the your billing on our end to ensure the data-security.

4. New design for the consumed limits

We have rolled a new design for the limits that are consumed and total no. of limits against your account.


5. Increase individual limits

Now, you have the option to increase individual account limits instead of upgrading to the higher plan.

For example, if you need 3 additional workspaces, you can increase 3 workspaces by clicking on the "Increasing Limits".


NOTE: For the monthly payments, the amount should be greater than $10/month.