ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Multiple new features and improvements








Compose multiple new social posts with ease

In the Composer module, we have added an option for users to select their preferred posting method (post now, schedule, etc.) and to retain the added information making the content reusable without adding it again.

Now, users have the following options to either post and…

  • Compose a new post: this would schedule the post and open a blank composer for the user to add new information.
  • Compose new with selected accounts: this would reopen a blank composer keeping the selected accounts from the previous post.
  • Duplicate: this would duplicate the entire content of the previous post and allow the user to create a new post with all the information.

We have added this feature to ease our users who create a lot of posts in one go. This will also allow the users to replicate the content. The users previously would create a post, go to the Planner module and duplicate the post to create a new post. We figured it would be easier for the users to have this option built into the Composer module.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 16-59-54.png

RSS automation fills in the slot gaps

In the Automation module’s RSS to Social Media recipe, we’ve added an option for the users who like to add posts to the queue at either in an empty slot or at the end of the last scheduled post.

  • Add to the first empty slot available: this means that if you delete a scheduled post in the queue, it will open the slot, and the next post fetched from the automation will fill in that slot.
  • Add to the bottom of the queue: this option will fill the slot after the last scheduled post in the social queue regardless of the empty slots within the queue.

We will also release this for other automation recipes and the Composer module soon.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 16-36-18.png

Planner Sorting Filter:

In the Planner module’s List and Feed view, we’ve added an option for the user to sort the posts according to the created, updated, and scheduled time.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 17-05-30.png

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • In the Automation module, if the text added is longer than 280 characters for Twitter, the content is automatically split into threaded tweets.

  • In the Automation module, while creating an article to social automation, in case the system is unable to bring in any article for the search. It will not allow the user to move ahead to the next step.

  • In the Planner module’s List view, instead of clicking on the entire row to view the preview for the post now, you can just click on the post media or text to open the preview modal.

  • In the Discovery module’s Cover stories feature, we have added pagination to fetch six cover stories simultaneously. Before we would fetch all of the cover stories, which caused a lot of memory-related issues, and this fix will solve this issue.

  • In the Composer module, we have added the media preview modal same as the Media Library section, to provide you with all of the information before adding the media file.

  • We have removed the blue box that informed the users that we have released a new version and asked them to refresh the screen. We’ve engineered a way to update the front end without causing this blocker to prevent the loss of data generated by the refresh.

  • In the Composer module, tapping on the ESC key on the keyboard would close the Composer module previously. This issue caused the entire composed content to be lost in case it wasn't auto-saved. Now we would ask for confirmation on closing the modal via the ESC key or clicking on the cross icon to close the composer.

  • In the Planner module, the Calendar view took a lot of time to render the images, and often the photos crashed. This issue has been fixed in this release.