Mobile Application Updates

First things first. If you don’t have our app installed on your phone already, you can download the Android version from Google Play or the iOS version from iTunes

Now let's get into all of the exciting updates we have introduced:

1. Performance Improvements

  • Removed Image Library:

Previously, we were using the AlamofireImage library to download the images. We have now replaced it with a much faster, lighter and highly recommended library called SDWebImage.

In doing so, we have reduced our application size and have made image processing faster, and smoother without causing stress on memory!

  • Composer:

Making the final payload before making an API call was a highly tedious job, especially considering cellphone memory utilization.

That is why we have made the whole code need-based: added better checks that would enable us to do just the bare minimum processing, and still get the job done!

  • Variables:

Initially, we were using static variables. Now, we have moved to a completely need-based system, where only the needed, and relevant data (such as the web token) is saved in the UserDefaults for iOS and SystemPreference.

2. Link Preview bug fix

Sometimes, Link Preview would not show up in the application, and in the final scheduled posts for social media networks, particularly, LinkedIn.

To cater to this, we have come up with a new approach: Users can generate Link Preview using their mobile application by tapping on the "next-line" key on the bottom right corner.

3. Instagram Posting Help View

We understand users can find the process of connecting and posting ContentStudio quite tricky. For their convenience, we have provide help during run time.

When a user clicks on Post Now in Instagram Notifications, they will see a pop up that explains how the posting works.

This can be seen like this: