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ContentStudio changelog

Location Tagging on Instagram & Facebook





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As you may know that location tagging feature for Instagram and Facebook was deprecated a while back…

We've come bearing good news! 👏🏼 We've found a way to fix this and Location Tagging is once again back! 🎉

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After tagging your location, it looks like this on your Composer Screen:

Screenshot (153).png

How will this help you? 🤔

☕ Let's say you own a cafe and you're introducing a couple of new scrumptious desserts.

Or you're launching a new Fashion Clothing store in another city, and you want more visitors to your newly opened shop. 💃🏼

By tagging the location of the place, you're making it easier for users to search you up on Google Maps.📍

It also puts your business on the map. It makes it easier for users to search for you! 🌎 (They're kind of similar to Hashtags like that…)

For instance, if someone searches for cafes in a certain area, your business name might also pop up!

We all know that Instagram Algorithm works in mysterious ways. 😉

Based on the user's prior search history, similar content will be shown on their newsfeed and Explore page!

Tagged locations will also help you collect the user-generated content posted by influencers or users!

… Which you can use to re-post the content to your followers!

In conclusion, the Instagram tagging feature provides your brand the boost it needs to stand out amongst the crowd and you cannot miss out!