Instagram Influencers

ContentStudio aims to help you become a complete content marketer. For this, you need to connect with influencers in your industry and collaborate with them. A cross-platform collaboration strategy helps you to better market your product to a much-targeted audience.
For this reason, we have added the Instagram influencer search option. Now you can search for people with an actively engaged audience and trust factor on Instagram. With Instagram marketing on the rise and an enormous userbase of 1 billion, this is the ideal platform to market your product.

Search for your topic of interest and analyze the list to analyze the list for people with an active audience. You can do this by looking at their average engagement statistics. Use the Intelligent Filters to shortlist influencers of a specific type(Bloggers, Journalists, Companies, etc), country, or language to better suit your marketing needs.

Save the list and reach out to them for improved marketing campaigns.