Disable notification/reminder for a specific device

On a beautiful sunny morning, you're having coffee with your long-lost best friend, catching up and talking about the amazing dress you saw!

But right then… there's a buzzing sound, then notice a pulsing notification alert on your phone. What if it's something urgent? You wouldn't want to ignore it….

You pick up your phone, and it turns out it was just some random reminder from an app. At that moment, you want to delete that app - or turn notifications off for EVERYTHING!

Believe me, we have all been there.

In this world of tech, it's important to appreciate the existence of real-life people. Don't want you to become too dependent on machines! (We have all watched the Terminator, robot apocalypse is not going to turn out well for any of us!)

But hey, jokes aside, with this update, we hope to give you an option to disable notifications from your phone for our app. If you have an Instagram Business account with multiple people with access to it, we understand that you don't need spam notifications every day.

You can enable/disable notifications for a device directly from the web ContentStudio!

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