ContentStudio Mobile App Improvements

In this latest release, we have made improvements and squashed bugs so ContentStudio can be even better for you.

Sooo… let's dive in!

Instagram Pending Posts:

Pagination: Previously, this would fill up, and the count of posts that exceeded 100 posts caused the API to take too long to process, ultimately causing a timeout.

In case all of these posts were fetched, they would cause the RAM usage to increase in order to maintain the data.

So, pagination removes these limitations and now posts are fetched with an increment of 20 posts!

Instagram Pending Posts

Help section: Clients were confused regarding IG posting. We have added the Help Section in order to facilitate them through a smooth process of connecting the Instagram account to their ContentStudio platform.

Image from iOS (2).png


Change in URL Preview: URL preview was not showing before, but it is visible now.

Image from iOS (1).png

Most importantly, there have been Code improvements:

We have made the application leaner and have updated all third party libraries.

I hope you enjoy all these new features, write a review for us on the App Store, and tell your friends about this!