Content Categories option added to the RSS Automation

RSS is a web sleuth that detects new content whenever it gets pushed onto a website. Many social media tools have embedded RSS readers that dig out the content from different sources and present them to you in a single place.

Content Categories option added to the RSS made the job easy for you.

Login to your ContentStudio account, click on the Publish > Automation located on the navigation menu.

In the next screen, you can view the Seven automation recipes. Select the RSS Feed to Social Media and click on the +New campaign.

In this step, you are required to enter the Campaign name and select the Social channels. At that point, Contenstudio presents you a Content Categorization option which helps to schedule the right type of content at the right time on the selected category, without having to schedule each post by hand.

In step 2, you need to optimize your post by adding Feed Url for your favorite news channels, blog sites, video channels, add Hashtags or CTAs, and move forward.

In the last step before finalizing the campaign, you need to add time-frequency and select "Add to Content Category" as the option of new posts found while scheduling the post.