Content Categories

Categorization keeps your content organized and make it easy for you to schedule the right type of content at the right time, without having to schedule each post by hand. You can segregate inhouse content into product updates, tutorials, how-to videos, etc.

Navigate to content categories by clicking on the Settings icon located in the right top corner of ContentStudio app.

Create new categories by clicking the “Add New Category” button. Create as many categories as you wish to better classify the type of content you publish. This gives you better control over the content and split it appropriately.

Delete the categories you do not need anymore. Simply click the “Bin” icon on top of each category to remove it.

The Shuffle Content option is much like the shuffle option in your audio playlists. You have arranged the songs of a particular genre but would like the player to surprise you, just for a change.

The great thing about content categories is that you can define the exact time when the content from a category will be published. This relieves you from manually setting posting time for each post you create.