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ContentStudio changelog

Bulk Edit Posts, LinkedIn Inbox and so much more!








Bulk Edit Posts

For those of you creating posts till the end of time, this feature is for you!! You can now edit posts in bulk from the Planner module.

On selecting multiple posts from the planner module, click on the “Edit Social Posts” button from the Bulk Action drop-down to edit them in one go.

Users can now make changes to the Social Accounts, Labels, Campaigns, Members and override the selected post’s execution time in one go.


  • All posts excpet which do not have the status of Published, Partially Failed, and Failed posts can be bulk edited.

  • Depending on the social accounts selected, some posts would be updated right away, while some will fail to update because the post would not meet the requirements for that social platform. For the failure to update posts, we would also show the list of posts and the platform requirements due to which it failed.

  • By clicking on the “override” schedule time option, user’s can either set the post to Post Now, Schedule or Draft. This selection would override all previous statuses and make the selected option the preferred execution method.

  • The social accounts drop-down would have three states. The social is selected in:

    • all posts
    • some posts
    • none of the posts

    Depending on these states, we determine the inclusion/exclusion of the account in the post. Inclusion also depends on the post fulfilling the requirements of the social platform.

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LinkedIn Inbox (Company Page Posts)

In the pursuit of expanding our supported social platforms in the social inbox module, we are proud to present the integration of LinkedIn posts with Content Studio.

Using the Social Inbox module, you can interact with a post on your LinkedIn page/organization. You can add a comment to the post, reply to a comment on the post or delete comments, all directly through the inbox module.

Please reconnect your LinkedIn pages/organizations with the platform to avoid unwanted permission-related errors.

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Improvements and Fixes

  • We’ve improved the Content Categories modal, making it more user-friendly. Instead of seeing the social account display images only and not being able to interpret what that channel is caused many issues for users with many accounts connected. We’ve changed the list to a dropdown instead and also given the users the ability to search for their social accounts.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 11-50-37.png

  • To make the calendar view more dynamic and easier to use, we’ve added the option for the users to set their preferred first day of the week. This selection is on the workspace level and can be set from the Workspace Basic settings page.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-02-13.png

  • We’ve improved the user interface of the social account listing page. Also, we’ve rearranged the social platforms based on their usage and made them more consistent with the rest of the platforms.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-06-32.png

  • We’ve changed the labels of the sort by drop-down. Also, to better understand what each one does, you can mouse over them for a short description.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-19-29.png

  • In the Media Library module, there was an issue generating thumbnails for a specific format of video. We’ve added a fail-safe utilizing a 3rd party tool for such cases and are now actively working on improving our media upload and assets management API calls.

  • We’ve improved the LinkedIn preview in the Composer and Planner module to be at least 95% accurate to the actual depiction on the social platform. We cannot mimic previews to be 100% accurate with the social platforms as each has internal protocols that we are not privy to, which causes this difference.

  • While trying to publish on Twitter, some users were experiencing a media-related error message that caused their posting to fail. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the Composer module, a bug caused the social account selection to glitch and erroneously select accounts that were not meant for the post. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the RSS to Social Automation recipe, there was a bug that did not update the content correctly for the frequently updated RSS feeds and often caused no content to get published. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the Social Inbox module, selecting only Google My Business reviews would not update the folders review count (Unassigned, Mine, etc.) and would display a zero instead. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the Bulk Uploader Automation recipe, there was a case that caused the CSV file not to get adequately processed and would fail, and the users would keep seeing the progress bar not moving. This was caused by an error on our server and has been fixed in this release.