ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Bugs & Improvements





We have crushed the following bugs in the latest release. ✨

All the details ⏩

🐛 Bugs:

  • The Pinterest Reconnection issue has been fixed.
  • Onboarding issues fixed.
  • No more evergreen automation issues.
  • We have fixed the First Comment fetch issue which resulted while editing the content category post
  • We have fixed Inactive Social Media buttons on the Sign-up page
  • Email Verification process has been fixed.
  • Fixed Instagram Influencers' video preview.
  • LinkedIn Token expiration validity issue has been fixed.
  • Email generated after token expiry.

📈 Improvements

  1. Twitter Min. Social Engagement has been added to Article Links to Social Media Automation. 💬

Now, the user will be able to add a Minimum Social Engagement value against Twitter articles.

Untitled (65).png
  1. Onboarding Team Members pages have been revamped 📲
Untitled (66).png
  1. Type of Media Uploaded 📸

Users can see the type of attachments uploaded in the Planner. (JPEG, PNG)

  1. 'Last Updated at' field has been added to Planner
  1. Emojis in Comments & Internal Notes 💬
Untitled (68).png
  1. Engagement icon has been changed. 📃
Untitled (71).png
  1. Clear option has been added to Custom Topics and Automation Fields
Untitled (74).png
  1. A lot of exciting changes to Instagram Influencers!🆕

Our "Instagram influencers" just got so much better!

  • With our Instagram Business API, you'll get better and updated Instagram influencers' posts.
  • Only Verified Business and Professional accounts will be visible to the user.

This is all to make sure you interact with authentic and relevant Influencers!✅