ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements





The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Instagram influencers data has been updated.

  • We have fixed the invalid date issue in Safari for Analytics.

  • There is no longer any upload issue caused in the Media Library.

  • Composer text field disappearance issue has been fixed.

  • UTM link redirection problem has been fixed.

  • Billing Issues:

    • User transaction history pagination
    • API improvements
    • Increase/Decrease limitations
    • Purchase Automation Campaign Limitations
  • Modal now closes on Save Workspace.

UI Improvements

  • The tool now prevents the user to save an empty blog post in the Blog Composer.
  • We have added a Confirmation pop-up when the user clicks on the (X) button while creating an Automation Campaign.
  • In the Content Discovery, if the blog title is long, it shows up in two lines instead of three or more.
  • Few text alignments and instructional changes.
  • In the Workspace, there are no longer any multiple modal issues.
  • UTM text no longer overlaps in "Select from saved UTM presets"
  • A Content Category button has been disabled in case there's no social account selected.