ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements





We fixed several annoying bugs in the following features:

Crushing Bugs:

  • Users can now add images after using Canva

  • Blog Social Post no longer gets stuck

  • Expired accounts icon

  • Mobile App, Android, and iOS issues

  • Discover Search filer

  • Discovery Slow Performance issue

  • User can create an unnamed label by adding space in it

  • Inconsistency in placeholder and title in the Campaign Name.

  • Scroller has reduced in Media Library's Recent Upload for laptop screens.

  • Video posting on LinkedIn: LinkedIn only allows the uploaded video to get published when a video link is also in the post.

  • Page is more responsive for smaller screens, there was an unnecessary scroll in it

  • On the automation for Articles to Social Media, after closing, the user is now navigated back to his previous screen.

  • Users can now add new automation while being on the "View Existing Campaigns" screen.

  • Twitter Shares are now visible.

  • Users can now view updated Twitter influencers data. We have also added more Influencers in the back-end.

  • Hashtag suggestion dropdown click-ability has been improved.

  • UTM '404 page not found' issue

  • Blog Post "Add Media" modal

  • WordPress Issues have been fixed

  • Mobile notifications

  • Multiple images bulk import CSV support

  • Email notifications disabled from notifications settings when the 'Never' option in Email frequency is selected

  • There are no longer any issues with Instagram Posting

  • Team members - The bug where users were unable to add Team Member with an expired account (Trial) has been fixed.

  • Discover Content - Favorite option select and unselect issues resolved

  • Blog Posts Full View issues resolved

  • Approver issues

  • No more automation issues

  • Saved Filter Name has been truncated and tooltip displayed

  • Facebook and Instagram connection issues have been resolved.

  • Account selection and composer issues resolved

  • There have been Twitter data fetch Improvements related to:

    • Code improvements performance-wise
    • Twitter rate limit - stop fetching data for accounts that have raised an error for a day
    • Twitter bug fixes - conversations were not updated
  • Billing - Automation Campaigns: Users can now purchase automation limits as addons

  • Billing - Transaction History:

    • Added pagination
    • Reduced API response time
    • Code improvements
  • Billing - Invoices are displayed now

  • Facebook Webhooks: We have optimized servers + improved speed of processing data.

UI Improvements:

  • Composer Twitter Preview UI

  • Links are now visible with titles in the Composer posts list

  • Discovery Insights Charts Improved (Popular Reading Levels chart has been added)

  • Users can now view their location in Preview UI

  • Composer Screen: Hashtag suggestion box closes if a user clicks out of the focused box.

  • Create New Workspace modal is at vertical align center

  • Workspace title only allows 35 characters now

  • UI has been fixed when the search query resulted in No results found.

  • Hashtags Suggestion: The users can now navigate using arrow keys and select using Enter key.

  • Status Page Integration: We have integrated Status Page on our app dashboard. This will allow our customers to know in advance in case if the service goes down.

  • Tags for Wrong Social Account has been fixed

We’re so grateful for our customers and the excellent feedback we receive every day. If you have something you’d like to share with us, please let us know!