ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

AI-Generated Hashtags, Auto Thread Generator, Saved Captions and more!








AI-Generated Hashtags

With the release of AI-generated Images, we would like to introduce AI-generated hashtags!

Users are expected to add up to 100 characters long context for the AI to generate hashtags relevant to the content. The more details provided the better the quality of the hashtags that get generated.

The generated hashtags are all relevant to the content and are trending at the moment so they would help boost your post.

Users can add them by either selecting the ones they want or by clicking on the “Add All to Editor” button which will move all of them to the Composer box.

The generated hashtags can be saved in the user’s Hashtag collection as well by clicking on the “Save Hashtags” buttons.

If not satisfied by them, you can “Re-Generate” the hashtags as well.

The hashtags generated from AI are all counted toward’s the user’s AI Credits.

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 17-16-40.png

Split Content into Threaded Tweets with 1 Click

Adding content in the Composer box, the limits for Twitter of 280 characters are often exceeded and it would become a hassle to split the content manually into threaded tweets.

With this features we auto-split the content into Threaded Tweets, fulfilling the character limits requirements and making sure that each Tweet makes sense.

Users are expected to select a Twitter social account and exceed the character limit for Twitter. The “Auto-Thread” button would become visible, and on clicking it, it would move the content to the Customize for each channel and split the content into threaded tweets for the Twitter composer box.

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 17-14-09.png

Saved Captions

If you plan on reusing some of your content, with this feature you can save the content in the library and can access them by clicking on the “Saved Captions” button.

By saving the caption, you just need to open the Social Composer and get the saved content in a single click.

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 17-18-03.png

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Our WordPress plugin has been reinstated and users can resume connecting our service with WP by downloading from their plugin store.
  • There was bug that prevented users from connecting their Feedly Pro account with ContentStudio. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the notification’s bell icon there was a bug that prevented the user from getting redirected to the post affiliated with the notification. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Creating a post for Instagram post via mobile application caused a code break that prevented the post from getting published. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • While scheduling a report from the Analytics dashboard, some users reported that the social accounts weren’t getting listed. This issue has been fixed in this release.