Planner Default Settings now set to "Select All"

Planner filters are now set to 'Select all' filter by default when reloading the page.

select all.png

Previously, "all" the filters were not selected by default, and the user had to do that manually. But now, they're selected automatically.

This means when a user goes to Planner, all the accounts that he has integrated with the Workspace will be shown here!

Content Category added to Evergreen Automation

You can now select Content Category option in the Evergreen automation campaigns!

content cat.png

This feature aims to make your automation campaigns more effective.

Refresh Social Inbox

Some customers were facing an issue where the conversations in Social Inbox were not updated.

With this refresh feature located right next to Inbox on the top left corner of the screen, things are about to get a lot better!


Upon clicking on this, all of the conversations in Social Inbox will refresh and update.

No more duplicates, no hassle, we promise! :)

Hold That Workspace!

A new feature has been introduced in ContentStudio called 'Hold workspace.'


Users can click on the pause icon to stop all of the postings for all of the blogs and social accounts. After that Users can click on the resume icon to start posting for blogs and social accounts.

Due to uncertainty resulting from the coronavirus crisis, many users want to hold their working for the time being. While the workspace is on hold, all the automation will be paused and the posting will be moved to the draft.


In this state, the user will not be able to add more posting. When he wants to resume the usual posting, he easily can by clicking on Resume Posting.


His scheduled posts will be posted accordingly as the user selected them. We can also give them a different posting time option during this: by selecting the desired time interval or manually resuming the existing post.

New Features on ContentStudio's Google Chrome Extension

To enhance your internet experience, here are the new features that are being introduced:

  1. GMB integration

Google My Business is one of the most reliable platforms for marketers to manage an online presence of their business. Google My Business is the best way to win the trust of your audience by bringing out your information to create a personalized relationship with them. This way, you'll be able to drive more potential customers toward your business.

With this update on Google Chrome Extension, a user, upon creation of his business, can announce exciting information about it through posting: These posts can be about upcoming events, offers, or the usual marketing.

It's important to note that these posts will be available for only 7 days, and after that will be deleted automatically.

image (2).png

  1. Tumblr integration

We have enabled Tumblr integration so you can schedule posts for Tumblr through the extension. Now, whenever you're scrolling through the internet and find a post that you would like to share on Tumblr, you can easily schedule from ContentStudio's Google Chrome Extension.

  1. Instagram multiple images posting

Have you been to a party or a holiday recently? Or perhaps, you can't decide which picture to post? Here's a thought: post all of them! ;)

With this update, you can post up to 10 pictures on your Instagram page!

image (4).png

Side Navigation Bar: Device's Push Notifications/Sync Status Visible

Now in the side navigation bar, the user would be able to see the registration status of his device and whether push notifications are enabled. This calls for easier integration with ContentStudio for future posts.

Image from iOS (10).png

Operate Multiple Feeds with One Domain in RSS Section

Initially, in RSS Feed Automation and Discovery RSS Section, we were restricted to process RSS links purely on Domain bases.

For example, these two links and (belonging to one domain) were regarded as the same, and that limited the results.

In this improvement update, we have fixed that issue and now these two links with one domain are regarded as different RSS links.

Now you can operate multiple feeds, even if they just belong to one domain! This feature can be seen in Discovery too.

feeds 2.png

New Post Variation in RSS Feed: Meta Descriptions

In one of our automated campaigns, "RSS Feed to Social Media" where you can share RSS feeds content on your social media, we have added a new feature.


Initially, there were two options: Using post titles and intelligent post variations.

With our new update, you can even use Meta Description for better and accurate automated results! Say hello to more productivity! :)

Duplicate Global Content Category Issue Resolved

Some of the users were facing a glitch in the system where duplicate (and redundant) global categories were being created. We have now resolved this issue.


Enhanced Design for Instagram and Twitter Influencers

We have updated the design for Instagram and Twitter Influencers in the Discovery Section:

1) When you click on the influencers for more details, it was initially previewed as a tab, but now with this improvement, you can conveniently view them as a sidebar with the following: Top Mentioned, Tweets and Shared Articles.


2) The image preview on Instagram posts is also enlarged for better visibility. As can be seen for this post:


3) When you click on Tweets in Influencer Detail, you will see that we have updated the design for the Influencer's tweets to better represent the platform.