ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Revamped content categories and other improvements





  • We’ve improved the UI of our Content Category module. The load time is now much faster and it is more intuitive to use.

Screenshot from 2023-01-17 12-43-12.png

  • In the Social Composer module, you can now click the copy link button next to the “Customize Content” button and share with your team members to collaborate on the post. The link would open the same post, ready to be edited.

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  • For all of the Failed and Partially Failed posts instead of duplicating and sending the post to publish again, you can simply “Retry Posting”. The button will trigger publishing for that specific social account only, saving you the hassle of going through the complete cycle.

Screenshot from 2023-01-17 12-54-15.png

  • Our platform now fully supports the .heic media file format, so now you can also compose posts easily with this file format. However, the format is not supported in blog posts, and we are working on it.
  • Previously “Partially Failed” notifications were coupled with “Failed” post notifications. We’ve added a separate notification flow for partially failed posts in this release.
  • We’ve optimized the upload media API call, making it 4x faster than the previous version.
  • In the Social Composer module, while adding a thumbnail from the “Select from video” option, the selection would be overridden on selecting a different option even after clicking the save button. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • While sharing a link post on LinkedIn, at times, the link preview would get replaced by the LinkedIn signup page preview. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Bug fixes and improvements






This release is all about bug fixes with a few improvements.

  • We’ve added an improvement for users to search and select all social profiles while Bulk editing posts.
  • Now while composing a post in Composer, when you run into an issue that the image does not conform to the API requirement for direct publishing, you can mouse over the red error icon and click on “Auto Scale” which will scale the image automatically for you to fit the requirement.
  • We’ve added the functionality in our Blog composer for the users to increase/decrease indentation for a paragraph.
  • At first, the notifications for “The content of automation campaign has been planned or queued” would only be sent to the person who created the automation. We’ve improved this in this release by sending notifications to all team members as part of the workspace for all newly generated content.
  • There was a glitch that caused queued slots not to get loaded up, which also made the users unable to add new slots. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • The account selection in the social inbox module was glitching at random times, and this was, at times, preventing account selection as well. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • A bug in the social inbox module caused the Tags and Bookmarks added to a Twitter conversation or tweet to get automatically removed at a random time. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Recently there has been an issue in which our users have been unable to tag/mention LinkedIn pages in posts. This issue was caused because of rate limiting from LinkedIn. We’ve added a few workarounds to fix it in this release.
  • A bug caused the failed post email notifications not to get published. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • A bug that often caused the automated content not to get replaced has been fixed in this release.
  • A missed review post opened from the notification would open the planner module to all missed review posts instead of the specific post. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Clicking on the update button in basic profile settings would redirect the user to the Dashboard rather than staying on the same page. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the planner module, a bug caused the selected posts to get unselected when new content was fetched. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Bulk Edit Posts, LinkedIn Inbox and so much more!








Bulk Edit Posts

For those of you creating posts till the end of time, this feature is for you!! You can now edit posts in bulk from the Planner module.

On selecting multiple posts from the planner module, click on the “Edit Social Posts” button from the Bulk Action drop-down to edit them in one go.

Users can now make changes to the Social Accounts, Labels, Campaigns, Members and override the selected post’s execution time in one go.


  • All posts excpet which do not have the status of Published, Partially Failed, and Failed posts can be bulk edited.

  • Depending on the social accounts selected, some posts would be updated right away, while some will fail to update because the post would not meet the requirements for that social platform. For the failure to update posts, we would also show the list of posts and the platform requirements due to which it failed.

  • By clicking on the “override” schedule time option, user’s can either set the post to Post Now, Schedule or Draft. This selection would override all previous statuses and make the selected option the preferred execution method.

  • The social accounts drop-down would have three states. The social is selected in:

    • all posts
    • some posts
    • none of the posts

    Depending on these states, we determine the inclusion/exclusion of the account in the post. Inclusion also depends on the post fulfilling the requirements of the social platform.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-48-46.png

LinkedIn Inbox (Company Page Posts)

In the pursuit of expanding our supported social platforms in the social inbox module, we are proud to present the integration of LinkedIn posts with Content Studio.

Using the Social Inbox module, you can interact with a post on your LinkedIn page/organization. You can add a comment to the post, reply to a comment on the post or delete comments, all directly through the inbox module.

Please reconnect your LinkedIn pages/organizations with the platform to avoid unwanted permission-related errors.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-43-46.png

Improvements and Fixes

  • We’ve improved the Content Categories modal, making it more user-friendly. Instead of seeing the social account display images only and not being able to interpret what that channel is caused many issues for users with many accounts connected. We’ve changed the list to a dropdown instead and also given the users the ability to search for their social accounts.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 11-50-37.png

  • To make the calendar view more dynamic and easier to use, we’ve added the option for the users to set their preferred first day of the week. This selection is on the workspace level and can be set from the Workspace Basic settings page.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-02-13.png

  • We’ve improved the user interface of the social account listing page. Also, we’ve rearranged the social platforms based on their usage and made them more consistent with the rest of the platforms.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-06-32.png

  • We’ve changed the labels of the sort by drop-down. Also, to better understand what each one does, you can mouse over them for a short description.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 12-19-29.png

  • In the Media Library module, there was an issue generating thumbnails for a specific format of video. We’ve added a fail-safe utilizing a 3rd party tool for such cases and are now actively working on improving our media upload and assets management API calls.

  • We’ve improved the LinkedIn preview in the Composer and Planner module to be at least 95% accurate to the actual depiction on the social platform. We cannot mimic previews to be 100% accurate with the social platforms as each has internal protocols that we are not privy to, which causes this difference.

  • While trying to publish on Twitter, some users were experiencing a media-related error message that caused their posting to fail. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the Composer module, a bug caused the social account selection to glitch and erroneously select accounts that were not meant for the post. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the RSS to Social Automation recipe, there was a bug that did not update the content correctly for the frequently updated RSS feeds and often caused no content to get published. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the Social Inbox module, selecting only Google My Business reviews would not update the folders review count (Unassigned, Mine, etc.) and would display a zero instead. This issue has been fixed in this release.

  • In the Bulk Uploader Automation recipe, there was a case that caused the CSV file not to get adequately processed and would fail, and the users would keep seeing the progress bar not moving. This was caused by an error on our server and has been fixed in this release.

Shareable Planner, First Comment via CSV upload and much more...








Share Posts for Approval with a Public Link

We are super happy to announce this feature release. Finally, Content Studio can share posts via shareable links for external reviews from your clients or managers without logging in to the tool.

Now from the bulk action, you can select the option to “Share” the selected posts; you would need to provide a name for the link, and that's all. We’ve added the capability to password-protect the link, making it more secure as it will be accessible by anyone on the internet.

The link can be shared with all external reviewers of the posts, like the company’s Marketing Director, who is not added as a team member, but all posts need final approval from him before publishing. The external reviewers can either approve, reject or add a comment on the posts that reflect in the user’s planner module and can be viewed from the post preview or the side panel.

The links can be managed from the “Shared Links” button on the Planner module.

Screenshot from 2022-11-08 14-50-20.png

Shorten/Unshorten Links in Composer

While composing posts with shortened links, you can revert them to the original link just by clicking on them. This would also save you the trip to the settings section to disable link shortening.

When the link shortening is enabled, we automatically change the link provided to the shortener of your preference. Sometimes, it is better to post the original link rather than the shortened one. So why not a kill switch at post-composition to revert them to the original again? This is precisely what we have tried to do with this feature, providing a more user-friendly approach to shortening.

Click on a shortened link, and we will show you the original link. Then from the tooltip select the link, and it will be replaced.

PS: it also works vice-versa, i.e., switching from full length to shortened link.

Screenshot from 2022-11-08 14-15-03.png

First Comment in Bulk Uploader via CSV

With this release, we are sending out the much-requested feature of adding the first comment through bulk uploader automation. Before this, the users would have to edit each post to add the first comment.

The CSV file now has an additional column for 'First Comment', making the format as:

Date and Time, Message, Image URL, Link, First Comment

Here is our template CSV file with posts + the first comment for a better idea of the structure of the CSV.

The first comment feature is available for all Facebook pages and groups, Instagram posts via Direct Publishing, and LinkedIn profiles and pages.

Screenshot from 2022-11-08 12-46-56.png

Improvements & Bugs

  • We have redesigned the Caption Generation modal, improving the user interface and making it more interactive. Now, the modal will maintain a history of the generated captions, allowing the users to choose the captions that best fit their requirements.
  • In our earlier release, we had included the option for our users to schedule & create new, duplicate or keep the selected social accounts. In this release, we’ve made the labels more prominent as to what each would do.
  • The banner at the bottom that displayed the social accounts’ token status would take up the entire row and often had the user click on the slider to check each social account status. In this release, we’ve made it more compact and, on mouse over, show all of the expired social accounts or about to expire.
  • Approving or Rejecting a post in the Calendar view would act without any confirmation. This lead to the content getting scheduled on approval or rejected on mistaken clicks of the button. We’ve added the confirmation for these actions in this release.
  • The emojis selection drop-down would get hidden or would not open properly. This has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Composer module, adding a GIF format media asset would freeze the entire application making the application slow down. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Planner module, the comments on a post would overflow from the container and get hidden. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Composer module, the attempt to generate a caption from Replug shortened link would often fail. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Planner module’s Calendar view, dragging and dropping posts to reschedule was not functional and has been appropriately integrated in this release.
  • In the Planner module’s Feed view, the links would either lead nowhere or to a 404 page, making it difficult for the approver to check and verify. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Analytics module, a glitch caused the application not to send the scheduled reports via email. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Multiple new features and improvements








Compose multiple new social posts with ease

In the Composer module, we have added an option for users to select their preferred posting method (post now, schedule, etc.) and to retain the added information making the content reusable without adding it again.

Now, users have the following options to either post and…

  • Compose a new post: this would schedule the post and open a blank composer for the user to add new information.
  • Compose new with selected accounts: this would reopen a blank composer keeping the selected accounts from the previous post.
  • Duplicate: this would duplicate the entire content of the previous post and allow the user to create a new post with all the information.

We have added this feature to ease our users who create a lot of posts in one go. This will also allow the users to replicate the content. The users previously would create a post, go to the Planner module and duplicate the post to create a new post. We figured it would be easier for the users to have this option built into the Composer module.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 16-59-54.png

RSS automation fills in the slot gaps

In the Automation module’s RSS to Social Media recipe, we’ve added an option for the users who like to add posts to the queue at either in an empty slot or at the end of the last scheduled post.

  • Add to the first empty slot available: this means that if you delete a scheduled post in the queue, it will open the slot, and the next post fetched from the automation will fill in that slot.
  • Add to the bottom of the queue: this option will fill the slot after the last scheduled post in the social queue regardless of the empty slots within the queue.

We will also release this for other automation recipes and the Composer module soon.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 16-36-18.png

Planner Sorting Filter:

In the Planner module’s List and Feed view, we’ve added an option for the user to sort the posts according to the created, updated, and scheduled time.

Screenshot from 2022-10-24 17-05-30.png

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • In the Automation module, if the text added is longer than 280 characters for Twitter, the content is automatically split into threaded tweets.

  • In the Automation module, while creating an article to social automation, in case the system is unable to bring in any article for the search. It will not allow the user to move ahead to the next step.

  • In the Planner module’s List view, instead of clicking on the entire row to view the preview for the post now, you can just click on the post media or text to open the preview modal.

  • In the Discovery module’s Cover stories feature, we have added pagination to fetch six cover stories simultaneously. Before we would fetch all of the cover stories, which caused a lot of memory-related issues, and this fix will solve this issue.

  • In the Composer module, we have added the media preview modal same as the Media Library section, to provide you with all of the information before adding the media file.

  • We have removed the blue box that informed the users that we have released a new version and asked them to refresh the screen. We’ve engineered a way to update the front end without causing this blocker to prevent the loss of data generated by the refresh.

  • In the Composer module, tapping on the ESC key on the keyboard would close the Composer module previously. This issue caused the entire composed content to be lost in case it wasn't auto-saved. Now we would ask for confirmation on closing the modal via the ESC key or clicking on the cross icon to close the composer.

  • In the Planner module, the Calendar view took a lot of time to render the images, and often the photos crashed. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Pinterest Video Scheduling




With this latest update, you can now post videos to Pinterest and set a custom thumbnail for the video as well.

The Pinterest video API has the following requirements.

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 15-44-44.png

All you need to do is navigate to our Social Composer, select a Pinterest board, upload a video and click on Post Now.

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 15-51-52.png

Smart Image Resizing for Instagram posts via Automation campaigns




Since Instagram has very strict API requirements for posting on their platform, users creating posts through automation campaigns faced problems in posting to Instagram.

Instagram aspect ratio must be within a 4:5 to 1.91:1 range to post successfully.

With this update, now, at runtime, we check if these requirements are fulfilled. If the image has an “incorrect” aspect ratio, we modify the image to meet the requirements. We do not make a landscape image portrait or vice versa. We just scale the image to the nearest vectors to retain the image quality and send it to Instagram to publish.

We are working on doing the same for videos and will send them out soon as well…

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 15-34-56.png

Full-view is now available in Planner








Easily view full posts in Planner

Like the Media Library image preview, we have added the same functionality to the Planner module’s List and Calendar view. Click on any post, and you can move between the posts using the left/right buttons or arrow keys.

Users can perform all primary actions on the posts, such as adding comments, approving the posts, editing, etc.

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 15-53-39.png

Other Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • In the Composer module, adding links to the Facebook carousel cards would not be reflected in the post preview. We have added the link redirects to each card depending on the URL added to the card.
  • In the Composer module, users could not create a carousel post when adding a link for which the system could not generate a preview. This was usually the case when we could not fetch an image from that link. Now, such links are accepted by the system, and as a fallback, the users can either upload an image themselves or leave it up to Facebook to fetch and set an image from the link by themselves.
  • In the Planner module, there was a bug that caused the already created posts to be uneditable. This was due to a code break and has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Composer module, on editing a Facebook Reel post, the selected option would default to Feed regardless of the previous option. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • LinkedIn - Internal Server Error has been fixed in this release as well. This issue was caused by code breakage on the LinkedIn server, which caused the posting to fail to return us with the “Internal Server Error”. We have added retry attempts in such cases, and the post goes through. After attempting to post five-time, the server will return this error message to the user to handle themselves.
  • In the Media Library module, we have fixed the following bugs:
    • Deleting/Archiving a media asset would mark the assets as selected, and the bulk option was disabled.
    • After performing a bulk action and refreshing, the screen would take the user to the login screen.
    • Randomly, the screen would start to freeze up and often gave an error message to contact support.
  • In the Inbox Module, there was a problem with the sync button, which caused the system to fail to fetch updates to the conversations and posts. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • In the Composer module, editing a blog post would cause the entire screen to freeze up and make the entire application unable to render. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Image Preview in iOS App - v 2.7.21 (2)








This release includes the following:

  • In the Composer Module, to preview images added to the post, users can just tap on any image, and it will open the image previewer. You can tap the left/right buttons or swipe left/right to move between the images.


  • In the Planner module, we have made the media assets more prominent by increasing the image sizes, added left/right buttons to move between assets, and added an indicator to depict the type of asset (image or video) in the post. Previously, this wasn't included, which led to a lot of confusion about what type of media asset was added to the post, and the users had to edit the post to view all of the attached images.


  • In the Planner module, there was a bug that hid the Approve/Reject buttons for the approver. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Manage Google My Business (GMB) Reviews in Social Inbox




You can easily manage all reviews on your Google My Business locations through our Social Inbox module.

All new reviews are fetched and synced with the platform in real-time, which includes updates to the review, such as text or rating changes, and you can reply to them directly through our platform without going to that location.

Using the Inbox module, you can create, edit or delete a comment, and the changes will also reflect on that location.

The only limitation is that you can reply only once to a review.

Screenshot from 2022-09-21 17-37-15.png