ContentStudio Web App Bug Fixes

Here's an update to all the bug fixes and app improvements we have worked on:

  • Social integration issue for new users has been resolved.
  • Content category issues have been resolved for example firstly editing any post causes to schedule it in the next available slot but now it will schedule to its already selected slot
  • Spin Rewriter, RSS, and Feeds issues have been resolved.
  • Logs are being added for debugging and app improvement.

Save Filters in Planner

Users can now create their own customized filters.

Previously, if someone wanted to see all his published posts in certain categories, he had to select the all filters manually. Now, he can create that filter and with just one click, he can apply them to all.

Here's how it works:

You can view already saved filters.


Set any filter as 'Default' so that whenever a user visits Planner, their default filter would be applied automatically.


Keep in mind that:

  • Any filter can be removed or deleted at any time.
  • By clicking 'clear', your settings will go to the default state.


  • Users would be able to rename any filter at any time. They can also update any existing filter for better functionality.

  • This feature is user-based, not workspace-based. That means if a user creates and saves a filter in a workspace, it would be available in all the workspaces for him.

Shopify Integration

Initially, we were having problems integrating ContentStudio with Shopify.

After working on a series of improvements, we are now asking the users to make the Shopify app and add the appkey and appsecret along with the store name. The user has to make his own app of Shopify to integrate his Blogs.

ContentStudio users can sign up for the Shopify partner program by using this link. After signup, the user will be redirected to the Shopify partner dashboard. Users can go to the App section from the Dashboard.

We have created a detailed how-to process here.

ContentStudio WebApplication Improvements

Let's get into a few more improvements and updates we have worked on for ContentStudio Web Application:

We improved the response rate and load time of the whole application including Social Inbox.

The following User Reported Bugs have been fixed:

  • The video uploading issue in Composer has been resolved.
  • The issue of multi-links during CSV upload in Evergreen automation has been resolved.
  • Approving Content Issues has been resolved.
  • Issues regarding Social Integrations have been resolved.
  • No more Billing Issues
  • Facebook Video Thumbnail selected by the user can now only be seen on Facebook.

New Design for Team Members

We are introducing our new design for Team Members!

You can see team roles clearly defined: between Super Admin, Collaborator, Approver, and Admin. This helps you easily differentiate between a client and a team member. Alongside, you can see their status bar if they've joined, or are still pending invitation.

Here's how it looks like:

Screenshot_from_2020-07-22_12-26-06 (1).png

Preview for Video Uploaded

We have changed a few things regarding video uploads!

1) You can choose the best thumbnail from the Suggested Thumbnails

2) By clicking on the video uploaded, you can see the preview.

Group 45132.png

Here's a gif how it works: (1).gif

Social Inbox: Messages Improvements

By taking inspiration from the social media platforms we support in Social Inbox, we have changed how messages were composed!

Before, users were expected to type in their message and then wait for the API to return the response. Only then, the Composer Box would clear up for another message.

This ended up causing unnecessary frustrations as the user kept on waiting.

That's why we have entirely changed this practice to make things easier.

By pressing send, the message is appended in the conversation with a loader like in the image below, and when it is successful then it changes to a normal message:

Group 45128.png


In case the post fails, you will see a Retry and Delete button below the message bubble, making it easier to handle that conversation!

Mobile Application Updates

First things first. If you don’t have our app installed on your phone already, you can download the Android version from Google Play or the iOS version from iTunes

Now let's get into all of the exciting updates we have introduced:

1. Performance Improvements

  • Removed Image Library:

Previously, we were using the AlamofireImage library to download the images. We have now replaced it with a much faster, lighter and highly recommended library called SDWebImage.

In doing so, we have reduced our application size and have made image processing faster, and smoother without causing stress on memory!

  • Composer:

Making the final payload before making an API call was a highly tedious job, especially considering cellphone memory utilization.

That is why we have made the whole code need-based: added better checks that would enable us to do just the bare minimum processing, and still get the job done!

  • Variables:

Initially, we were using static variables. Now, we have moved to a completely need-based system, where only the needed, and relevant data (such as the web token) is saved in the UserDefaults for iOS and SystemPreference.

2. Link Preview bug fix

Sometimes, Link Preview would not show up in the application, and in the final scheduled posts for social media networks, particularly, LinkedIn.

To cater to this, we have come up with a new approach: Users can generate Link Preview using their mobile application by tapping on the "next-line" key on the bottom right corner.

3. Instagram Posting Help View

We understand users can find the process of connecting and posting ContentStudio quite tricky. For their convenience, we have provide help during run time.

When a user clicks on Post Now in Instagram Notifications, they will see a pop up that explains how the posting works.

This can be seen like this:


View Replies in Social Inbox

By default, the replies to the comments are hidden as it can bloat the whole interface with a lot of comments.

That is why you have an option to "View replies" against a conversation.


This aims to help you better keep track of conversations!

Sort Comments for Posts in Social Inbox

Are you managing a page where each of your posts gets hundreds of comments? It must quite cumbersome to manage comments, and making sure you reply to your comments at the earliest!

With the newest release, not anymore!

Now you can sort the comments based on:

  • Newest
  • Oldest