Bulk Uploader for Social Media

Schedule up to 500 messages at a time to your social networks by uploading pre-populated comma separated value (.csv) files into the bulk uploader. You can review your posts and make any changing before they are approved/scheduled.

Global Block Irrelevant Feeds

Want to globally block certain sources which are irrelevant for you? you can do that from the Settings -> Sources as shown in the figure below. We will also add the option in discovery module where you will be able to block a feed globally or from a certain topic while viewing the content.

You can enable your block feeds any time you wish from the sources page.

Draft Posts and Folders

If you are writing a long blog or social media post, it is a must that your work is getting saved automatically to make it safe from getting lost. From now onwards, your blog post or social post will be auto-saved after every 30 seconds. You can edit or publish them anytime you want.

Furthermore, you can easily organize your drafts by simply within a few clicks by moving them to folders. You can create, move, start or rename your folders any time you like.

Alt Text option for the blog post images

We have added the option to set alt text for the images, now you can add alt text for the images while composing your blog post to improve your SEO score.

Custom Visual Quotes

One of the best ways to increase engagement with your audience is by sharing engaging quotes. We have designed and created thousands of visually appealing quotes in-house for you to share with your audience. You can find these within the suggested topic named “Quotes” available in the left sidebar of discovery module.

Twitter and Facebook Tagging

Mention or tag Twitter users and Facebook pages in your shared posts using @username method.

One of the great ways to increase the engagement for your social media posts is to mention an influencer or a company which is relevant to your piece of content. If your post gets shared by the influencer, the engagement on your posts can increase 10 folds.

Auto tagging of author and website

If you are sharing multiple articles a day, mentioning every author of the blog post can be very time-consuming. To make it easy, every post when shared from discovery module will have “via @author_handle” automatically added for the posts shared on Twitter.

Ability to archive posts

You can now archive posts from the discovery module which do not fit your criteria or niche. All your archived posts will be saved and you can restore them anytime you want.

Easily distinguish already published posts

Posts shared on any channel are now given a different style making it easy to keep a track. Or you can archive those shared posts if you want which helps in keeping your feed fresh and clean.

Customize Discovery sidebar

We have added an option using which you can hide/show topics and suggestions which appear in the discovery module. This will help you customize the sidebar view according to your needs.

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