Replug Option Added in RSS Recipe

The purpose of automation recipes is to run content marketing campaigns on autopilot. If along the way you can also automate marketing strategies, is a huge plus point.

We have added Replug link shortening option is the RSS Feed to Social Media automation recipe. This will automatically shorten and brand the links taken from your RSS feed.
In the same fashion, you can add related hashtags for the RSS feed. You can create a set of hashtags for a particular RSS feed and each time new content is posted on that blog, relevant hashtags will automatically be added to the content and shared on your social media channels. This allows for automated content

Replug and Hashtags Option Added in "Videos to Social Media" Recipe

The link shortener and Hashtag option added in videos to social media recipe, you can now better distribute your video content on social networks. Replug link shortener generates clean and short links. This is especially helpful in social media content distribution where space is of the essence.

You can also create branded short links to help generate brand awareness through social posting. You can also create branded CTA's in your Replug account and then share them through the video content on non-iframe websites. The addition of hashtags allows for better content distribution. Use the appropriate hashtags with your video so it pops-up in the right places. You can also use pre-saved hashtags to go along with a particular type of video content.

Quill API Integration with ContentStudio

Content spinning can be of great use to many who want to quickly generate new content for their blog channels. ContentStudio now comes with a better content spinner so you can rephrase and recreate awesome content.

Quillbot is very easy to use. Just copy paste the content you want to spin in the editor, select the appropriate mode and click "Spin it". You can make grammatical, suggestive, creative and concision changes to the content you want to spin.

You can also check it here: content spinner.png

The already available service of WordAI is going to be deprecated soon and will be removed.

To use Quillbot in the editor, you need to purchase the API key and add it. You can add the purchased API key by navigation to Options --> other integrations.

New Topics Added to the Discovery Search

In order to broaden the horizon of your search and to better segregate search topics, we have added a considerable number of new topics to the discovery search. This will present a wider range of topics of your interest. Few of the new categories added are "People and Society", "DIY and Home Improvement", "Technology", and "Food and Drink".

Each of the main categories has its subcategories to better manage the topics. This will provide an even deeper understanding of the topic you are interested in.

sqsImhB - Imgur.png

You can simply click on "Follow" to start receiving daily feed of any particular topic.

Related Topics Option Added to Auto-complete

The ContentStudio app can now suggest related topics as you search for keywords in the search bar. This allows for an instantaneous flow of ideas closely relevant to what you are about to search. Here is how it works.

Open your ContentStudio account and write anything you are interested in searching e.g. "content". As soon as you are halfway typing the word "content", a drop down will appear suggesting topics which are related to your search.

With these suggestions, you can expand the circumference of your topic search and get more ideas for content to share.

Insights option added to the Discovery Search

You can now check content insights directly from the content discovery module. Evaluate the performance of your followed topics and tweak them to get the top shared content.

This allows you to analyze keyword specific content insights, which means you can see how the numbers stack up for a particular keyword of your interest.

The insight option in the discovery module also encompasses your followed topics. This helps you determine the engagement statistics for a topic you have followed. This handy option in the discovery search might also help you in keywords research for your business as you can evaluate which words/ topics yield the best engagement.

Android and IOS - Discovery Topics Option Added

Now you can use the content discovery module in your mobile app. It gives you the power to discover content from niche relevant topics; in the palm of your hands. This facility is convenient when you do not have access to your PC and still want to discover content in your industry and share with your audience.

  1. ContentStudio gives you the strength to curate the most popular content whenever you want by using the mobile app.

  2. Select the language for the content and can fetch the data from the various regions into different languages.

  3. View custom topics and curated topics and drill out what’s new in your feed.

  4. Find the viral or trending content on social networking channels, examined it, assigned a trending score and sentiment depending upon whether the content is positive negative or neutral.

Artboard – 13@2x.png

Linkedin Native Image

No more annoying images with weird title and URL. Now image posts on Linkedin have a native look as if they are posted using the LI interface.


Avail the full potential of Linkedin and as a sales channel by posting native images using ContentStudio. 58381977_2253120994774802_2828121009616322560_n.jpg

Chrome Extension Update

The ContentStudio chrome extension is up and running. Now while browsing the internet, when you find an article interesting, you can straight away share or schedule it on your social media channels by using the ContentStudio chrome extension.

This gives you the ability to schedule content while you're browsing the web without the hassle to log in to the tool every time.

Your default link shortener is also applied while sharing content using the extension.


If your extension didn't upgrade automatically to the new version, you can download it from the link below:

Bulk Upload

ContentStudio 2.0 brings you the functionality of Bulk Upload which lets you schedule multiple messages to your social media channels via CSV data import.

This feature is useful for when you want to perform a similar action multiple times, in a single go.

The bulk uploader provides a template CSV file in which you can:

  1. Populate multilingual data for your posts.
  2. Choose your social channels.
  3. Schedule your posts.

You can view these scheduled posts in your post planner and edit them later as per your requirement.

Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 9.24.40 AM.png

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