Export into CSV for Twitter influencers section

Twitter is a perfect social media platform to connect with Influencer. Nowhere else news travels as fast as it does on Twitter. Politicians, Celebrities, and News anchors use this medium to quickly dissipate trending news.

If you can connect with these influencers, the chances of boosting your brand's image skyrocket. ContentStudio presents you with an easy strategy to connect with twitter Influencer and increase the reach of your brand.

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Go to ContentStudio and search your industry for Twitter Influencers. Export the returned list in the form of a CSV. Now you can tag all these influencers in your posts. This will not only increase the reach and engagement of your posts but if the content is good you might reshare from the influencers themselves.

This helps increase your brand's visibility on Twitter.

Estimated Cost Per Post in Instagram Influencer section

Influencer outreach and marketing has really caught on and will be a great player in the 2020 digital marketing scene. ContentStudio helps you identify influencers in your industry and connect with them to promote your brand.

But the question is how to approach an influencer and how to benefit from their reach?

One thing you can do is ask them for a shoutout. They can put in a good word for your brand in their Instagram posts. This way to get access to millions of eyes just from one post.

The catch here is that Influencer almost always asks you to pay a fee. Here ContentStudio comes in to help you. In our Influencer section, you can see the estimated Cost Per Post for your desired Instagram Influencer.


This helps you get a rough idea about how much a shoutout will set you back in terms of money. You can also estimate which Influencer falls in your marketing budget so you can then connect with them. Or whether a person is asking you too much money for his services.

Content Categories in the Composer/ Planner filters are now sorted alphabetically

No need to rifle through your content categories to search for the intended one. We have sorted your Content Categories in alphabetical order so you can search easily.

Both the Composer and Planner module now have your Content Categories sorted in alphabetical order to help you find them.

Edit Labels in Composer by hovering over them

You can now edit your labels within the composer. By hovering over a specific label, you will see the option to edit or delete it. The animation helps in determining the particular label in questions.

composer labels.png

Once you click on it, you can change the title of the label and the color associated with it. Click the "Save" button for the changes to take effect.

Chrome Extensions [Labels Sorting & Search Option Added]

The ContentStudio chrome extension aims to speed up the process of content sharing to social channels. Labels help you to classify your content into helpful categories. This way you can search for content in your planner with ease.

The Chrome extension now has the added functionality of alphabetical sorting of your labels. This eliminates the hassle of scrolling through a large number of labels.


If your Labels list is far bigger than what the alphabetical sorting can handle, you need not worry. Search for your labels using the search option. Simply type the initials of your labels and it will appear.

Remove Individual Global Content Category From Workspace

A new improvement to the Global Content Category that allows you to remove only content category from the Workspace instead of removing it from all of the workspaces.

While removing the global content category, you will be given an option to remove this category from all workspaces.


If you marked check the above option, your content category will be removed from All Workspaces.

Approval Workflow

ContentStudio has launched an amazing new feature using which you can automate your content marketing workflow and get client feedback and approval faster.

Many clients enjoy the option of approving or rejecting social media posts. To cater to this need, we have created a new role of "Approver" You can add single or multiple approvers in your workspace and assign them social accounts. You can then create social posts and request for approval.

image (5).png

The Approver will only see the planned content against which the request is generated. Approvers will be able to reject or approve posts with or without comments.

Stakeholders are notified real-time of post status changes. In addition to that, they can instantly communicate with each other in the comment section.

You can have internal or external approvers in a workspace. The external ones can log in through a one-time magic link.

All stakeholders get in-app notifications and as well as email notifications as per the settings of their roles.

The approval request feature is only for social posts at the moment. Also, the editor or admin has to select an option of "Needs Approval" to generate a request.

Discover Feeds

Contentstudio’s RSS feed reader feature is a comprehensive tool to search, follow, and monitor your favorite content sources online. It has a clean and elegant design to keep things as simple as possible.

CS feed reader.png

In the main dashboard, you are able to see posts in reverse chronological order. The posts are shown as cover stories with a headline and image so you instantly get a gist of what the news or article is about.

The feeds are currently being crawled every 20 minutes but in the future, you will be to set custom time to check feeds update.

Cover stories show you the most trending posts from every topic for that very day. You then have the option to tag them accordingly. This would the most recent events, news, or updated in your topics of interest.

The thing that sets ContentStudio’s feed reader apart for any other RSS feed reader is its ability to curate the content from the feed and share it across social media channels.

Simply click the share button and the content will be shared with your target audience.

Artboard – 236@2x.png

Of course, you get the standard option of starring or archiving a post and unlike any other tool, once you archive a post, it stays there, forever.

You can also add your favorite content to your Pocket account that is integrated with the ContnetStudio main app.

Artboard – 235@2x.png

As a stamp of authenticity, each post is accompanied by the number of Twitter influencers that have shared this post. This way you know that the post is genuinely trending at the moment.

In the trending section, you get to see the content that is performing well at the moment. Again, you have the option to curate these posts and directly share it with your own audience across social media channels.

In the feeds section, you can create groups to which you can add the feeds. For example, you can create a group called digital marketing and add 15-20 feed URLs to it.

Your feed group also shows the number of feeds in a particular group. If you archive any of the articles in a group, the number associated with it will automatically decrease. When new articles come in, the number is increased.

Artboard – 233@2x.png

Once inside a particular group, you can view the content in a list or grid view for easy access. You can then add further sources by clicking the “Add Sources” button.

Here the ContentStudio’s feed reader provides you with a list of curated topics that you can follow. It is much like your favorite topics are shown when you join a social media platform.

Artboard – 231@2x.png

If you click on any of the curated topics, you are presented with a list of verified and trending RSS feeds that you can follow. So an RSS feed reader transforms into content discovery with a click of a button. This way all the trending RSS feeds in a particular topic is right at your fingertips.

Artboard – 232@2x.png

ContentStudio feeds is much more than just an RSS feed reader. It packs so much information and functionality that no other falls in the same category.

Search Content from Specific Authors

We all like to read content from popular web sources.

In the Discovery module, you have the option to view all content published by a specific website.

Search for a keyword or phrase and in the results click on the publishing source as shown above.

screenshot-app.contentstudio.io-2020.01 (13).png

This will take you to a content library containing all pieces by that source in the selected period.

screenshot-app.contentstudio.io-2020.01 (14).png

Discover Content by Region and Language using Filters

Many individuals and agencies have their audience belonging from all around the world and speak different languages. For this, you need to feed them content in their native language.

ContentStudio helps you to discover content from 25 different languages.

Not only this you have a search option to quickly find your preferred language in the list.

screenshot-app.contentstudio.io-2020.01 (9).png

This makes it a lot convenient to search for your regional language in ContentStudio rather than going through the complete list.

Similarly, you can search for content being published and distributed from a particular country. Adding local news will keep your audience hooked for more as it is more relatable.

Again you can search for your targeted country in the long dropdown list by entering your country's name. screenshot-app.contentstudio.io-2020.01 (10).png