Built-in Image Editor for Featured Images

While using a composer, now you can create featured images using our built-in image editor.


Replug URL Shortener

A new URL shortener integration has been added. Now, you can shorten, track and analyze your links in-depth with the Replug.

To start its integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Other Integrations
  2. Connect your Replug Account and set a default campaign that you'd like to use with the ContentStudio.
  3. Once done, check the Replug option.

Onward, your links will be shortened using Replug URL Shortener.


Automation Recipe: RSS Feed to Social Links

Want to share the content from specific RSS feed URL to your Social Media Channels? You're just a few seconds away now!

  1. Navigate to Automation > RSS Feed to Social Links
  2. Select your social accounts and add RSS feed.
  3. Once done, save your campaign and your content will be published to your social media channels as soon as it is discovered.


Browser Extensions

A new exciting feature has been just added.

Sometimes you are browsing a web and you'd like to share the articles with your audience, instead of coming back to the platform, you can share it directly or add to the Queue.

Chrome Extension: https://rplg.co/cs-chrome-ext

Firefox Extension: https://rplg.co/cs-firefox-ext


P.S A Safari extension will be released in a next few weeks.

Hashtags List

Hashtags are one of the key element to get more reach for your messages while you are sharing them, especially for Instagram and Twitter. An average Tweet with Hashtags can bring 3X more engagement and reach.

Our next feature allows you to create a Hashtags list and re-use them in your Automation Campaigns or in a Social Composer.

  1. Head over to Settings > Miscellaneous and select the Hashtags Tab.
  2. Create a new Hashtag and use it during Social Composer or within Automation Campaign.


During Social Composer, you can select the Hashtag by clicking on the Hashtag icon and they will be added in your message:


New Regions Added

A few more new regions have been added in the Discovery. Also, a default English language has been added for all regions.

  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

Team Workflow

Previously, there were few permission restrictions when adding your team member to the platform.

With our recent update, your team workflow will be improved. You can more about the Team Workflow Permissions through this article: https://docs.contentstudio.io/article/118-roles-and-permissions

Replace Automation Post Content

If you are using the Automation Campaigns and the content that has been planned is not according to your desire, you can replace those posts by clicking on the "Replace Post" button.

This will replace your automation post with the new one based on your campaign filters.


Bulk Import of Sources using OPML/Text file

If you are migrating from Inoreader or Feedly, you can either use the one-click Feedly integration or use the OPML file to import your content sources to our Discovery module.

To do so, navigate to the Settings > Sources. After that click on the "Bulk Import" button to import your OPML/Text file.


Reconnect Social Media Accounts Option

If your social media access token has been expired or you have changed the password for your account, you need to reauhorize/reconnect your social media accounts.

We have added an option for the Reconnect infront of each social media account, you can now reconnect your account by clicking on that button.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely ContentStudio will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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