Preview Image or Video While Uploading in Composer & Planner

We understand the importance of visual marketing. It is no surprise that it ultimately yields higher engagement and increased reach! That is why we encourage our users to schedule multiple images through ContentStudio.

To ascertain that you have uploaded correct images, we have introduced a new feature that lets you preview images or videos before you post them!

You will get a preview much like this:

image 27 (2).png

Awesome, right? Let us know what you think about this!

Search Emojis in Composer

We all know how important content marketing is… but do you feel like words aren't enough sometimes? 😞

If you're bored of the plain old text that you fear that no one will read, or if you want to get your view across in a more lively manner, I have a solution for you:


With this latest update, you can search up relevant emojis in the Composer Box and add in those along with your text! 👻

Much like this:

image (9).png

image (10).png

Let me know if you like this update! 😎

Multi-images option added for the Linkedin posts

With this recent improvement, we aim to provide additional context to your LinkedIn posts to help users tell a "story" for better understanding: the users have the option to upload the multiple images on LinkedIn.

Previously, they could only upload a single image and it was quite a limitation!


There are various ways you can make use of this feature on Linkedin to boost your professional profile. From your company events to a series of pictures explaining new products/services, or multiple graphics explaining a concept!

Edit the Queued Post Time

While composing and sharing a blog and social posts, you get the option to add these posts in a queue. This queue is also represented in a calendar form for better management!

Previously, it was not possible to modify the queued post time.

But that's what we are here for.

We want to bring more convenience flexibility to our platform users! Now, you can modify the post that is queued via Composer as well as Planner.

image (8).png

By clicking on the edit icon, you can change the schedule for the queued time.

Easy peasy, amirite?

Showing Drop-down Select Option if Accounts are Greater Than 15

If you have been an avid user of ContentStudio for a while now, you would have realized that there are two ways of previewing social media accounts while you're creating a post.

The first one looks a bit like this:

Exhibit A:

image (6).png

The second way is a dropdown of social media accounts, much like this:

Exhibit B:

image (7).png

Why the difference?

Let me elaborate.

Previously, we used to show the dropdown menu to the user with more than 10 accounts connected. Now, we have changed this to 15.

So if you have less than fifteen accounts they will be shown like in Exhibit A, otherwise, Exhibit B will your friend!

Disable notification/reminder for a specific device

On a beautiful sunny morning, you're having coffee with your long-lost best friend, catching up and talking about the amazing dress you saw!

But right then… there's a buzzing sound, then notice a pulsing notification alert on your phone. What if it's something urgent? You wouldn't want to ignore it….

You pick up your phone, and it turns out it was just some random reminder from an app. At that moment, you want to delete that app - or turn notifications off for EVERYTHING!

Believe me, we have all been there.

In this world of tech, it's important to appreciate the existence of real-life people. Don't want you to become too dependent on machines! (We have all watched the Terminator, robot apocalypse is not going to turn out well for any of us!)

But hey, jokes aside, with this update, we hope to give you an option to disable notifications from your phone for our app. If you have an Instagram Business account with multiple people with access to it, we understand that you don't need spam notifications every day.

You can enable/disable notifications for a device directly from the web ContentStudio!

image (26).png

Feeds with Query String Search Improvement

In the Feeds Manage Sources section, you were not able to find out the feeds that had a query string.

image (5).png

For example, these two links and (belonging to one domain) were regarded as the same, and that limited the results.

In this improvement update, we have fixed that issue and now these two links with one domain are regarded as different RSS links.

Now you can operate multiple feeds, even if they just belong to one domain! This feature can be seen in Discovery too.

ContentStudio Mobile App Improvements

In this latest release, we have made improvements and squashed bugs so ContentStudio can be even better for you.

Sooo… let's dive in!

Instagram Pending Posts:

Pagination: Previously, this would fill up, and the count of posts that exceeded 100 posts caused the API to take too long to process, ultimately causing a timeout.

In case all of these posts were fetched, they would cause the RAM usage to increase in order to maintain the data.

So, pagination removes these limitations and now posts are fetched with an increment of 20 posts!

Instagram Pending Posts

Help section: Clients were confused regarding IG posting. We have added the Help Section in order to facilitate them through a smooth process of connecting the Instagram account to their ContentStudio platform.

Image from iOS (2).png


Change in URL Preview: URL preview was not showing before, but it is visible now.

Image from iOS (1).png

Most importantly, there have been Code improvements:

We have made the application leaner and have updated all third party libraries.

I hope you enjoy all these new features, write a review for us on the App Store, and tell your friends about this!

Automation: Bulk Upload & Evergreen Special Characters Encoding Issue Resolved

Previously, when people tried to import the CSV file, whether in Bulk Upload or Ever Green Campaign they faced problems with foreign language characters or "Swedish characters" such as these:

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 18.08.17.png

Now it looks like this: image (4).png

With the recent release, you can now upload the CSV file with foreign characters' text or emojis as well!

Global Content Categories: Slots Improvement

In global content categories, we have improved the edge-cases which include slots removal.

There were two issues with this:

1) The posts were not duplicated to all the categories even after the creation of the Global Category.

2) Slots were missed in the Global Category.

Let's assume you have scheduled three posts at 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm. You delay your 4 pm post to another time.

Then you end up scheduling another post in this category, however, it used to get skipped! Now, after this improvement, your slot time will be saved just in case you have removed some slots.

Consequently, next time you publish content to the category, the time will be picked from the slot that you removed, before adding it to the last of the category queue.