ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Threaded Tweets, Media Library Integrations and much more




1. Threaded Tweets

We are excited to add Composer Twitter threads to Content Studio. With the help of a Twitter thread, you can expand on a topic that can't be written in 280 characters or less. Now you can add up to 25 threaded Tweets giving you 7000 extra characters to write your posts.

In order to compose Twitter threads, you've to click on the toggle button below the composer text field which appears after the Twitter account is selected. Once the post is published users can see the thread's publishing status too. You can learn more about this in our knowledgebase article here.

Social _ Composer - Google Chrome 2021-12-02 04-27-27.gif

2. Dropbox Integration for Media Library

We're rolling out a new change that will allow you to integrate dropbox within the Media Library. It will let the users share the images to Content Studio using their cloud storage. You can learn more about this in our kb article here.

Conditions to integrate the Dropbox Drive:

  1. You'll be able to add those accounts which are saved or added in their browser or those accounts which are accessible in your browsers.
  2. The connected account will be visible in all the workspaces.
  3. In order to share the media with your team members on Dropbox, you need to make sure that they have access to the specific folder in your Dropbox drive.
  4. You can then access the media by connecting their own profiles to the media library.

Dashboard _ ContentStudio - Google Chrome 2021-12-02 05-15-02 (1).gif

3. Media Library Google Drive Integration

Content Studio embraces you with a google drive capability to manage your Media assets. It is one of the best solutions for an organization to manage its content. Through this, you can share the images with CS using their cloud storage. Learn more about this here

Conditions to integrate Google Drive.

  1. You'll be able to add those accounts which are saved or added in their browser or those accounts which are accessible in your browsers.
  2. The connected account will be visible in all the workspaces.
  3. In order to share the media with your team members on the drive, you need to make sure that they have access to the specific folder in your google drive.
  4. All the users can then access the media connecting their own profiles to the media library.

4. Media Library Bulk Action (delete, archive media content)

The Media library is upgraded with another improvement, that is the Bulk selection of assets in the media library. Now you can perform multiple actions using the bulk selection feature i.e

a-Move assets to archive.

b-Select a couple of assets and Delete them.

To learn your way around it follow this doc.

Untitled (22).png

5. Add post to Evergreen recipe.

Now you can add an article directly to evergreen automation with just a click. In order to add an article to evergreen automation, you need to make sure the following steps

a- There should be at least one evergreen automation in the workspace.

b- You have added at least two posts manually.

c- You will have to restart the automation cycle before they could post the desired post to their desired channels.


6. Caption Generation for Website

Since launching Roadmap, we've had requests for a more robust social caption generation for websites. This new feature adds the ability to generate captions on ContentStudio's website. This will allow you to generate captions for the links that you've provided in the text field.

Untitled (24).png

7. ALT Text

We have added the ALT text feature for Twitter in ContentStudio. You can use it on all the screens from where you can compose a post for Twitter. Learn more about this here.

Alt text uses:

  1. Adding alternative text to photos is first and foremost a principle of web accessibility. Visually impaired users using screen readers will be read an alt attribute to better understand an on-page image.

  2. Alt text will be displayed in place of an image if an image file cannot be loaded.

  3. Alt text provides better image context/descriptions to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly.

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

8. Post as a Page on Facebook Groups

A new Exciting feature has been added to ContentStudio which will help in Publishing the content on a page(s) or group(s) as an admin or as a page by selecting the choices given in the "Published As" Section.

MicrosoftTeams-image (9).png

Features, Improvements, Bug Fixes




Content Studio has successfully completed another benchmark with the new exciting features. The loyalty and feedback from our clients have empowered meaningful discussions within the organization as well as countless improvements to the Content Studio platform.

  1. Pinterest API

With access to Pinterests' Direct API, posting to your Pinterest Board(s) via ContentStudio is straightforward and easy. Now when you will connect a Pinterest Account they will see their boards in the modal as shown below. Pinterest Direct publishing will eliminate Zapier and users can now easily post using content studio only.


  1. Instagram posting method for Automations

The great thing about this is that you can manage the Instagram posting method for Automations at the workspace level.

With this, you have a choice to either select a direct publishing method or a mobile notification method while making automation for Instagram accounts. You can go to workspace settings and select your preferences.

Untitled (1).png

  1. Posting in Facebook Groups As a Page/Profile

Now you will have an option to select a page or a profile in Social accounts integration for Facebook groups. This will allow you to publish a post in groups either as a Profile Or Page. It is advised that users should reconnect their accounts before using this feature.

Moving forward, on the social accounts page, select the option as a page/profile under ''publish as'' option of the Facebook tab as illustrated.

Untitled (2).png




Bold and Italic feature in composer

Now you can easily undo/ redo your text to bold and italic. This can be done on all the screens where you can compose a post

Untitled (3).png

Features, Improvements, Bug fixes





Hey dudes & dudettes, we have 2 new features for you to pump that marketing game. You can save even more time when creating posts and engaging with your audience.

1. Instagram DM

Our Social Inbox now supports Instagram Direct Messaging, so you don't need to use the Instagram app to reply to your consumers. Just sign in to your ContentStudio account and go to the Social Inbox.

You can learn how to maximise your Instagram DM performance using some of the perks of Social Inbox in our blog here.

Insta DM 3.PNG

2. AI Caption Generation

Hate creating captions for multiple posts? Then you need this. Whenever you add the link to an article in the text editor, you can generate a caption for it using our AI Caption Generation feature.

What the AI does is that it instantly reads multiple identical articles and creates a nice, lightly teasing caption to entice your readers.

image.png The process is simple, just copy the link to any article you like and paste it into the text editor. A Generate Caption icon will appear within the text editor.

file-HfQ8xbFY9H.gif Furthermore, you can choose the type of caption you want:

  • Paragraph Style
  • Listicle type
  • Tweet type

You can learn more about these in our kb article here.

Features, Improvements, Bug fixes





Guys, it's been a while, but not for naught. Our Devs have been tediously working to bring an array of new features to change your experience with our app.

1. Facebook Competitors' Analytics

To rid you of constantly scrolling through your competitors' pages on Facebook. we have brought to you our Facebook Comeptitors' Analytics.

Now you can track multiple competitors' (5 at a time, let's not turn it into a stack exchange) performance on Facebook from one spot.

Facebook Competitors _ Analytics.gif

2. Media Library

Why waste loads of time sending media content from designers to marketers, and then uploading all that online. Now with our Media Library feature, upload all of your marketing content (and maybe your secret meme stash as well) to our online media storage and organise them for your team.

No more upload times or low space alerts, everything is at the tip of your fingers.


3. Crello Integration

Due to popular demand, our devs have worked hard to integrate Crello into ContentStudio, so that users already familiar with this app can implement their creativity without any obstructions or hassles.

Now you have the freedom to use either Canva or Crello, whichever you prefer.


4. New LinkedIn Analytics Design

We have redesigned our LinkedIn analytics to match the template other analytics are in. Take a look

Untitled (2).png





Yup, it's not just new features, we have a bunch of improvements for you as well.

1. 'First Comment' Upgrade

Get more flexibility with the First comment feature. Simply select the accounts (Facebook & Instagram only) that you want your first comment to post on.


2. LinkedIn Composer Upgrade

You can now write up to 3000 letters when composing a post for LinkedIn, after all, it simply makes sense to have long posts on this platform.


3. Revamped Calendar Design

Check out the new layout of our Calendar. Our experts brought out the whiteboard for this one, rethinking each aspect of the calendar to improve look, application, and interaction.

Untitled (4).png

4. Facebook Group integration alert-ContentStudio

ContentStudio aptly alerts you to add the ContentStudio app to your Facebook Group. No worries, there is an article that helps you with that, don't forget to check it out.

Untitled (1).png

5 List View upgrade

The List View has been improved to show the type of asset that was uploaded to the post. For example, in the image below, the post now shows that the asset that was uploaded was a PHOTO. This can help users who want to quickly go through their posts for a quick revision.






1. 'No Demographics' issue when switching pages

In the demographics tab of your Facebook Analytics, some users were experiencing a problem when switching between pages where no demographics would be shown. The problem has been fixed.

2. Mobile App Approve error

Certain users were experiencing a date alert screen when they would click on Approve, the matter has been resolved.

UI/UX Improvements





Our devs have further enhanced the experience of our App for you 🏢

1. View Post Revamped:

  • Now our preview section in the composer provides the user with better visuals, such as a mobile preview option to see how your post looks when viewing on a phone 📱

My Video 2.gif

2. Asset Management

  • Thumbnails will now show the file type (photo, video, gif) instead of the format 👓


3. Social Post Mobile preview upgrades

  • Post mobile preview has been improved to allow scrolling on longer posts 🤩

My Video 1`.gif

4. Workspaces

  • You can now add a specific timezone to each workspace to ensure each brands scheduling is in sync with its locality ⌚

5. Feed View options upgraded (Publish->Planner->Feed View)

Our devs have added even more flexibility to the Feed view section. You can now directly:

  • View the statistics for the posts that are shared on Social Channels 📊
  • Duplicate or recycle successful posts ♻
  • Edit posts you wish to make some necessary and quick changes to ✍
  • Remove posts you believe have not fulfilled your requirements ✂
  • View the Label or Content Category your posts has been assigned to 🔖


YouTube direct Publishing





Our YouTube direct publishing feature is live!!🎉🎉🥂

Now you can add your YouTube account with the touch of a button 🔘

Additionally, our composer assistant now has access to YouTubes gargantuan library!📚 You can also get a mobile or desktop preview of your YouTube post.


Make comments, add tasks, and collaborate with team members on your posts to ensure top-notch quality on each of your posts.

Find your favourite videos or search for the strongest performing ones with our sorter. 🔭


It is said that videos are the most popular form of marketing as 86% of brands prefer video marketing. 🤯

Not only that, viewers are 2x more likely 😲 to share a video than they would an image. 📽

How do I get started?

  1. Get connected; follow this article to get your account connected.
  2. Go to Composer, click on Social Media Post.
  3. Select the YouTube account you connected to in step 1.
  4. Add in the video description, title. Select the desired additional options and categorizations. ℹ
  5. Click on Post Now. As soon as the upload is complete you will be notified.

To follow a more precise guide to publishing, read this article.

Refer & Earn





What if you could earn money without investing capital? 🤔

Hold on it's not what you're thinking, It's better!!😲

ContentStudio is providing you with a profitable 💰 opportunity with our Refer & Earn offer 🍾.

Allow me to explain; As a member of ContentStudio, We will provide you with a customised link that you can share through your networks 👬. Now anytime any one of those contacts make a purchase, we will give you your share of the profit!! 💵💵

How much profit exactly?

  • A 30% recurring commission per customer 🤑
  • Every 10 customers rewards you with $100 cash!!💲💲💲

How does it work?

  1. Go to Settings and click on Refer & Earn


  1. You will see a dashboard view of your Refer & Earn program statistics 📊, scroll down and you will see a Share on Social Media section. Copy that link 🔗


  1. Share this link through your networks and to contacts. That's it ✔

Social Composer - Mobile Preview 🔎





ContentStudio's latest feature, Social Composer - Mobile Preview is here! 🎈✨

Now, you can save time, and increase your productivity by creating Social Posts that look amazing on mobile and desktop. 💻📱

You can also show your clients how their Social posts will appear on mobile devices! 📞

Let me spill some statistics here!

Let's consider Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How often do you use social on mobile vs. web?

Social media's accessibility through the mobile application and its mobile website plays a crucial part in its success and usability.

  • In January 2021, around 98 percent of active users around the world used some form of cell phone to access the social media network.

  • There was an estimated 4.08 billion active mobile social media users worldwide.

  • 78% or 2.97 billion users will access networks exclusively on a mobile phone.

Mind-blowing, right? 😲😱

This means you need to make sure that your Social Posts for Mobile are optimized!


How Does Mobile Preview Work?

ContentStudio's Mobile Preview is quick and easy to use. 💃🏼

In just seconds, you can see how your text looks like and tweak your post accordingly.

Here's how:

  • Login to ContentStudio & create a Social Post by clicking on Composer.
  • Select your social media accounts. Add in your caption and image.
  • Click Preview by clicking the Post Preview 👀 button at the right of the editor screen.
  • Make your changes accordingly! 🤓
  • Post and schedule away! ✅

Bugs & Improvements





We have crushed the following bugs in the latest release. ✨

All the details ⏩

🐛 Bugs:

  • The Pinterest Reconnection issue has been fixed.
  • Onboarding issues fixed.
  • No more evergreen automation issues.
  • We have fixed the First Comment fetch issue which resulted while editing the content category post
  • We have fixed Inactive Social Media buttons on the Sign-up page
  • Email Verification process has been fixed.
  • Fixed Instagram Influencers' video preview.
  • LinkedIn Token expiration validity issue has been fixed.
  • Email generated after token expiry.

📈 Improvements

  1. Twitter Min. Social Engagement has been added to Article Links to Social Media Automation. 💬

Now, the user will be able to add a Minimum Social Engagement value against Twitter articles.

Untitled (65).png
  1. Onboarding Team Members pages have been revamped 📲
Untitled (66).png
  1. Type of Media Uploaded 📸

Users can see the type of attachments uploaded in the Planner. (JPEG, PNG)

  1. 'Last Updated at' field has been added to Planner
  1. Emojis in Comments & Internal Notes 💬
Untitled (68).png
  1. Engagement icon has been changed. 📃
Untitled (71).png
  1. Clear option has been added to Custom Topics and Automation Fields
Untitled (74).png
  1. A lot of exciting changes to Instagram Influencers!🆕

Our "Instagram influencers" just got so much better!

  • With our Instagram Business API, you'll get better and updated Instagram influencers' posts.
  • Only Verified Business and Professional accounts will be visible to the user.

This is all to make sure you interact with authentic and relevant Influencers!✅

Track your performance with all-new Twitter Analytics 📈





Knowing your Twitter performance can help with your growth, reach, engagement rate.

You can also monitor what kind of content works best with your audience, and based on these insights, create a dedicated community for your brand! 📲

Untitled (64).png

We are introducing a way to monitor your brand performance on Twitter with new designs, improved API access, and optimized metrics tracking.

What's new?

  • Easy-to-digest, visually attractive statistical graphs and charts 📊
  • Accurate analytics reporting 📃
  • Fetching data from Twitter quickly 🏃🏼‍♂️

So, head over to ContentStudio Analytics, and let us know what you think about this revamp!