Web Application Improvements

  • Selecting the Content Category option disables all the other options.

Untitled (12).png

  • Adding Approver to the team list no longer gives an error.

  • In Bulk Upload, if a user adds '\n' in a message field then this will be considered as a line breaker and a new line will start after '\n'.

  • If a user selects a campaign and then composes a post then automatically that campaign would be selected!

Untitled (14).png

Hashtags UX Improvements

With these UX improvements, simply pressing the Spacebar will be sufficient to add the hashtag you want.


Previously, adding "#social #marketing' would have resulted in error before, but now the system will recognize them as two hashtags and add them separately.

Note: For multiple words in Hashtag, write it as "SocialMediaMarketing" instead of adding spaces like in "Social Media Marketing"! Remember that hashtags don't have spaces!

Documentation for Queue and Content Category

To help understand the difference between posting to Queue and Content Category, we have attached the documentation that details the information about each of them.

You can view the article by clicking on the question mark:

Untitled (11).png

Hashtags in Social Composer!

Marketers, don't under-estimate the value of hashtags in 2020.

Incorporating hashtags in your social strategy is arguably even more essential than it was four years ago.

Using relevant, targeted hashtags that are relevant to your content will help to get discovered by new audiences, ultimately translating into higher conversion rates, high engagement, building a close-knit online community, and gaining more followers!

We understand this, and so, we have added Hashtags Suggestions to the Social Composer.

Untitled (10).png

If a user types a Hashtag then similar suggestions would be shown in the dropdown.

Change Variation added to Social Composer

Change Variation option has been added to Social Composer!

Do you find curating content too time-consuming? Here's an idea: repurpose your content. Because content repurposing, the sharing of the same content that you have created, but dressing it up a little differently, can help you increase your reach considerably without requiring much effort.

No, this isn't spamming!

Not only can you increase your views to the articles tenfold, but you could also save time, energy, and money simply! That's where Change Variation comes in.

It helps to derive variations for the captions to the posts. This comes particularly in handy when you're sharing articles directly from Composer.


Change Variation, with the help of our amazing algorithms, will select the sentences from the article as potential captions for social media posts.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  1. The Shopify connection issue was diagnosed and explained to the users. Here's how to connect Shopify to your account.

  2. A new domain gasworld.com has been added.

  3. The Vietnamese language has been added to Topics and Discovery.

  4. Invoices of some users were not loading but this issue has been resolved.

  5. Tumblr profiles are now showing in Evergreen automation

  6. Content Category slots can be accessed for GMB profiles.

  7. No more issue for immediate posting of Content Category

  8. The following Analytics Reporting issues were fixed:

  • Exporting pdf
  • Hide notifications
  • Start and End Date were identical for monthly reports
  • Facebook Video Analytics bug
  • Story images not displaying
  • Group analytics top posts: No engagement shown

All of the issues mentioned above have been resolved! :)

Content Category in Bulk Uploader

Users can now select the Content Category feature in the Bulk Uploader:

bulk uploader.png

Ultimately, this aims to provide convenience and flexibility to schedule your posts! And of course, make a perfect content calendar.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics@2x.png

Introducing Instagram Analytics in Beta:

๐Ÿงก In-depth insights

๐Ÿค analytics reports

๐Ÿ–ค data exporting

๐Ÿ’œ top hashtags

๐Ÿ’™ demographics data

๐Ÿ’ž exciting features to grow your brand!

๐Ÿ–ค Sync option (added on the top right corner) to include the latest likes and comments for accurate and updated figures:

Group 47593@2x.png

To read more about the feature, please read the blog here.

White-labeling in Analytics

White Labeling for companies in the Analytics Report finally available!

What is White Labeling?

White labeling is an ideal way of providing additional value to the social media services. Brands can label and personalize their files; ultimately enhancing the user experience of the company.

How does it help me?

With this update, you can white-label your Analytics Report to your brand's logo and name, and make your services look more streamlined to branding!


The logo of your brand will appear on the top left corner of the Report.


Note: It is important to add your Company Name and Company Logo in Report Settings.

reports settings.png

Here's how to set up white-labeling for your brand.

Media Library

Disorganization is the enemy of productivity.

What if I told you that you can now have an all-in-one Media Library platform to manage your images on ContentStudio.

ContentStudio's Media Library aims to simplify the publishing process, helps to save time by returning the focus to where it should be: amazing content.

Our media library will make your work with images so much easier, quicker and simpler.

How does it work?

  1. In the Composer, you can find Add Media right next to Hashtags.


  1. Simply drag & drop any images you want to upload on the social post/blog.

Untitled (6).png

  1. View all the recent uploads along with filters of images, gifs, videos. You can search for any media by name:
  • Our Multi-uploader functionality will allow you to build a rich media library and upload every image you need faster.

  • There are also other filters for 'Most recent uploads', 'Oldest uploads', 'A to Z', 'Z to A'.


  1. Upload image and gifs using 'Direct Link' functionality. Type in URL of the media. Users can add media by URL for Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr.

Untitled (8).png

  1. Lastly, users can find media on Pixabay and Giphy.

Search for the relevant media by name.

For example:


Or, if you're more of a gif person, search up trending gifs on Giphy by name.


In conclusion, an organized library that will help you search for the latest and trending media content, keep track of all your previous uploads and ultimately, speed up your productivity!