ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

Multiple Improvements and Fixes





  • The drag and drop media assets have been implemented in the Media Library module, instead of choosing a media asset from the media file selector now users can simply pick up the asset and drop it in the upload modal, and it would be added for uploading.
  • Clear content was added in the Composer module’s create Carousel toggle, this option was available in the older version and has been added to the new version as well.
  • In the Composer module Activity section, the list of activities were not scrollable. Having multiple team members work on a post would cause an issue in moderating what action was performed by which user, this issue has been fixed in this release.
  • When editing a Youtube post, the title of the video would disappear; this issue has been fixed in this hotfix.
  • While creating a Google My Business post, the set Terms and Conditions were not sent in the payload onto the social platform; this issue has been fixed in this hotfix.
  • The Planner module showed the post as Published once but for some social channels, the posts got duplicated. This was caused because of a redundant key passed in the payload and has been fixed in this release.
  • With lots of social accounts connected to a single workspace, there was an issue where the social accounts would disappear in the Composer module. This was caused because a lot of memory was getting consumed by the application and the social accounts were not rendered. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • The Evergreen Automation’s post composer would show an image aspect ratio error even when the Mobile Notification method has been set as a posting preference. This issue has been fixed in this hotfix.

Instagram Reels direct publishing and more...









1) Instagram Reels direct publishing


We are happy to announce that now you can post Instagram Reels directly through ContentStudio!!

You no longer need to schedule reels through the push notification method, and with three simple steps, you can post them instantly to Instagram.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select Instagram Business profile
  2. Upload a video that meets the requirements for Reel
  3. Post Now ;)

To read a more detailed version of the steps above, please click here.

Reels Tab Eligibility:

Only reels with a duration between 5 and 90 seconds and aspect ratios of 9:16 are eligible to appear in the Reels tab.



2) Improved 'Set Custom Thumbnail' feature.


We have improved our Set Custom Thumbnail feature.

Before, the users were expected to simply upload their preferred image as a thumbnail if they didn't like the suggested images.

We took it a step ahead by adding the Choose from Video option, which allows you to scroll through the video to the preferred section that you feel should be the thumbnail for the video and just click on Apply.

Since Instagram video/reel publishing requires a thumbnail offset to set a thumbnail, the “Choose from Video” will set the precise second as the thumbnail, and for all other social channels, the image link will be used.

The Choose Suggested and Upload Image will set the thumbnail for all social channels other than Instagram, and the default value for thumb offset for Instagram will be the 3rd second. Untitled (1).png


Other improvements and fixes:


  • Sending messages through Inbox would get stuck on processing and eventually go blank without any prompt regarding what went wrong. We have added a warning for such cases and handled the negative cases in this hotfix.
  • When opening a new Planner tab, the old Planner module would show up. Since the APIs are all migrated to the new one, it would freeze up the entire module. We have fixed it in this release.
  • There was an issue viewing the Carousels and Videos added to the posts in the Planner section, it would open up a single image for Carousel, and the video would not be playable. This was a major issue faced by Approvers because they could not view what was going through. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Images added through Pixabay would not be uploaded to the Media Library and would cause the post to fail. We’ve fixed this bug in this release.
  • Instagram post’s insights did not match the ones shown on the platform. This was caused because of an update in their Analytics API and has been fixed and released.
  • Sharing content to social channels through the Discovery module would cause the “Post Now” and “Draft” buttons to get stuck. It was caused by a glitch in our system and has been fixed in this release.
  • Selecting the Instagram Posting option as “Push Notification” would not be applied to the post and instead would go out through the Direct Publishing API. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Android Application - v 2.8.9 (90)




This release includes:

  • Code refactoring
  • Performance improvements
  • Approver flow improvements
  • Storage permissions improvements
  • Fixed issue where a video of unsupported mime type crashed the application
  • Fixed issue where users were able to enter past time for scheduled posts
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to edit their scheduled posts

Multiple Improvements and Fixes





  • Drafts posts automatically get scheduled after approval, since the tentative scheduled date was added for Draft posts, on approval the post would schedule for that set time. Users wanted to modify the time or keep the post as Draft and this functionality was added in this hotfix.
  • Users were unable to add a title to the video file when posting on Facebook, this was done in the old Composer module but was missed in the new version and it has been added with this hotfix.
  • On inviting new team members to a workspace when they haven’t signed up for Content Studio there was a password mismatched error while signing up that has been fixed in this hotfix.
  • In the blog posts, users were unable to set a feature image for the blog from Canva. This caused a problem for users wanting to create and set their feature image for the blog, this feature has been added in this hotfix.
  • In the internal notes, some “team” members did not get a notification when they were mentioned in the internal notes on the Planner module. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • On creating/editing a post, some users were unable to preview the video file added to the Composer, this caused an issue in verifying if the video file is the correct one. Now by clicking on the added video there would be a popup with the video player.
  • New activity on older conversations/posts did not move them to the top of the queue and retained their state, this issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Users added as “client” were able to see and manipulate some features not meant for their role such as hidden posts, internal notes, etc. has been fixed.

Multiple improvements and fixes





  • The composer link preview was not getting generated in the Preview section for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It was getting generated in the composer section but would not reflect in the Preview section. This bug has been fixed in this hotfix.
  • When clicking on "see more" in Calendar and editing a post would overlap the extended calendar on the editable composer screen. This bug has been fixed in this hotfix.
  • In the Analytics section, the drop-down for social channel selection was too narrow. Users were having trouble selecting the social accounts because the name would be the same (the region was different) and the name got truncated after certain characters, we have increased the width of the drop-down and added a tool-tip as well for both of these would increase the visibility of the social accounts and cause no confusion
  • Marked as Done messages would move back to Unassigned on reconnecting the social platform, this was an oversight on our part and has been fixed now.
  • Clicking multiple times on the Generate Caption button would terminate the API call, causing the generated text model to get stuck. The issue has been fixed.
  • Users were unable to export media files from the Media Library, this was caused because of a server error and has been fixed in this hotfix.
  • Navigating to the application by clicking on the Login button from the website would hoop through all of the on-boarding routes before reaching Dashboard when the user was already logged in has been fixed.
  • The users uploaded their media assets for Twitter and they would disappear, this was most prevalent on the Twitter composer box and has been fixed.
  • The users were updating their social queues and it would show the updated time but the posts were still getting scheduled for the previous date. This issue has been fixed.
  • In the composer the scheduling timezone would be the person's physical location rather than the timezone set from the workspace, we have modified the time scheduling library and have fixed this issue.
  • When in a different view and opening composer would generate a unique id for the post and it was displayed in the URL tab with the query parameters of the parent view.
  • The tentative scheduled date for the draft post would not get saved in the auto-save, this issue has been fixed.
  • Adding just the Pinterest title in Composer would not generate a post preview, which has been solved in this release.
  • A sort order based on the social platform’s usage has been applied in the social channel listing in Composer
  • Added the "Clear Content" button in the Carousel posting in the Composer section in this hotfix.
  • Clicking the back button after you've navigated to Composer from the onboarding widget takes you to the old Composer has been fixed.
  • The issue with the Instagram aspect ratio error on automation despite selecting Push Notifications as the default posting method
  • Post review emails from Content Studio were redirecting users to the old Planner and this has been fixed now in this hotfix.
  • In the Planner social channel list, we have added a tool-tip to assist in selecting them with truncated names.

Composer Revamp [3.0]




We couldn't be more excited to announce the long-awaited revamp of our composer. The latest improvements to the composer make your social media handling easier than ever, with a separate media library and categorized features.

With this latest revamp, we’ve also introduced several features that simplify the user experience.

  • Social accounts can now be grouped by the social media platform.

  • Now publishing as a page or profile on a Facebook group will display on clicking the gear icon.

  • Click on the Search icon to search social accounts.

  • Drag the images in the frame to sort the upload order of the image.

  • In Draft posts, you can now select a tentative posting date and time. This is useful for users who know when the post will go out but need the approval of other team members.

  • The first card in a carousel post can be replaced with a different image if you are not satisfied with the image generated from the link preview.

  • Post previews now are shown as a scrollable preview for all channels.


Planner Revamp [3.0]




We have given a new look to the Planne module by moving filters to the left side and post details on the left side along with a new list view.

Now you can see your posts in four different views:

  • Compact list View: With the column resizing functionality, you can fit more columns into your list view and get a compact view of your posts.

  • List view: You can also select “List” to view your content in a list form, one after the other.

  • Feed view: This will allow you to see a direct preview of your content and approve it easily.

  • Calendar view: You're able to select a monthly or weekly view of your calendar which will allow you to plan and view your content accordingly.

The last view you use will automatically be opened next time so that you don't have to switch to your preferred view every time. You can also hide/show the columns as per your needs.


New Features Update




1. Facebook Carousel Posting

Content promotion through Content Studio is now even better with this new feature. Now you can publish carousel posts on Facebook with Content Studio.

Here's a quick overview of how you can do this using Content Studio.

Set up your post and select a Facebook page. Add a link in the composer box or insert a link by enabling the toggle button. You can see different cards along with the link, title, and description. Next, you can also add a Call to Action and End card to your Facebook carousel posts.

Learn more about this in the kb article here.

Here's a gif of how it looks on Facebook:


2. Tiktok Integration

Now you can easily schedule and publish your TikTok videos right from Content Studio.

With TikTok Publishing, you can easily create and manage cross-platform campaigns, learn about your audience, and optimize your strategies in the Content Studio. To successfully publish your TikTok posts, first, you need to connect your Tiktok account with Content Studio.

Now select your Tiktok account, add video and click on a post now. You will get a notification on your phone. Tap on that notification which shows that your video is ready to post. Click on the next button to post your video to Tiktok.

To learn your way around it follow this doc.


3. Instagram Carousel Posting

The carousel post (or multiple photos post) features on Instagram is a great way to make your posts stand out and get more engagement. A carousel post can be an effective way to attract visitors because it provides them with more information about the topic at hand and it also helps them understand your products and services better.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to post Instagram carousels with the ContentStudio app.

4. Publish videos to Google my business

We've added a new feature to Content Studio. You can now easily publish videos directly to your Google my business through Content Studio. Follow this article to learn how:

From your Dashboard, go to Publish, Composer, Social Media Post. Select your GMB account and add your video

While composing GMB videos these points should be kept in mind:

a) The GMB video post will go as a media upload, and we can't post caption.

b) You cannot add CTA in GMB video posts.


5. ContentStudio's Onboarding Widget

We've upgraded the Onboarding Widget to make it easier to find and access information when you need it.

The Onboarding widget operates on the workspace level and will be visible to all team members so that they are aware of the progress made with Content Studio. This widget helps highlight features of the platform so that you are able to utilize the platform fully.


6. Post as a Page or Profile on Facebook Group from Composer

Publishing as a page or profile on a Facebook group is even better with this new feature. Now you can select a page or profile option on runtime directly from the composer.

Select your Facebook group from the composer where you want to post your content and compose your post. A dropdown will appear; the Facebook group "Publish As" will contain a list of pages and profiles. You can either select Facebook Page or Profile


7. Approver can edit Images and Text

With this new feature, the approval workflow even got better. Previously you can approve, reject, add comments, mention and reschedule the posts as an approver. But now approver can also edit the text and images of the posts.

When an admin or super admin sends you a post for approval you'll get a notification. Tap on the notification and start editing the post. You can edit the text and image both and click on save changes.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Now users will get a breakdown of the addons details in the billing section so that they know what they've paid for.
  • We've added an ability so that post doesn't get scheduled for the token expired profiles.
  • Users will get a resume publishing option so that their future scheduled posts get scheduled again at the specified time.
  • Users will now get a notification for partially published posts.
  • Fixed a bug where the old text gets replaced with the new one.
  • Fixed a bug for GMB posting issues.
  • Fixed Action failed issue in the planner section.
  • Error uploading gifs has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue causing Linkedin video posts to fail.
  • Fixed an invalid album id issue, Failed [(#120) Invalid album id (code 120, subcode null).
  • Fixed an issue where youtube thumbnails are not showing correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the bulk uploader is not working.
  • The inbox duplicate replies issue has been resolved.

Features, Improvements, Bug Fixes




1. Best Time to Post

Wondering what’s the best time to post on social media?

As a marketer, everyone would love to know the best time to publish their social media posts in order to get maximum reach and output.

Here's a quick overview of how you can do this using Content Studio.

Set up a post of your choice and select the relevant platform(s), category, text, media, etc. Once done, click on the schedule post option. Upon selection, you will see a clickable link under the calendar view with the message '' View Recommended Times''.

Learn more about this in the kb article here.


2. Webflow Integration

We've rolled out a new feature that will allow you to integrate web flow with Content Studio so you can post your blogs through web-flow just like WordPress. You can learn more about this in this screen recording.

3. Paste images and videos from clipboard to Post directly in Composer

We've just upgraded composer with another exciting feature. Now you can paste images and videos from the clipboard to the composer directly so that you don't need to find images from the system or Media Library and paste them directly.

To learn your way around it follow this doc


4. Global Content Categories - For Super Admins Only

Previously a client can create a global content category that shows up another client. Now we've created Global Content Categories only for super admin and admin with team membership.

January 2022 Fixes and Improvements

  • Twitter Alt-text now working for threaded tweets.
  • The text to publish should include a resume keyword as well to make it less cognitively stressful for the user to understand how to perform the action.
  • Super admin in the workspace can see Media Storage limits with consumption of limit as well.
  • Now you can export the media assets as a CSV file with filename and link so that you can use them in automation.
  • In the article preview now users can see the last 30days data.
  • We've removed all upgrade buttons for all users with roles other than super admin.
  • We currently fetch 100 FB pages and get the business accounts that are connected. Now we've added pagination to this so that we can fetch more pages with business accounts.
  • If the session is expired then the user should be notified and taken to the login screen.
  • Fixed a bug where data haven't been imported yet to the Analyze page.
  • Fixed a bug where no images and stories were found in the discovery.
  • All filter options are now working properly in the Media Library.
  • Fixed a bug where Superadmin is not receiving emails and dashboard notifications if any team member mentions him in a discussion.

Threaded Tweets, Media Library Integrations and much more




1. Threaded Tweets

We are excited to add Composer Twitter threads to Content Studio. With the help of a Twitter thread, you can expand on a topic that can't be written in 280 characters or less. Now you can add up to 25 threaded Tweets giving you 7000 extra characters to write your posts.

In order to compose Twitter threads, you've to click on the toggle button below the composer text field which appears after the Twitter account is selected. Once the post is published users can see the thread's publishing status too. You can learn more about this in our knowledgebase article here.

Social _ Composer - Google Chrome 2021-12-02 04-27-27.gif

2. Dropbox Integration for Media Library

We're rolling out a new change that will allow you to integrate dropbox within the Media Library. It will let the users share the images to Content Studio using their cloud storage. You can learn more about this in our kb article here.

Conditions to integrate the Dropbox Drive:

  1. You'll be able to add those accounts which are saved or added in their browser or those accounts which are accessible in your browsers.
  2. The connected account will be visible in all the workspaces.
  3. In order to share the media with your team members on Dropbox, you need to make sure that they have access to the specific folder in your Dropbox drive.
  4. You can then access the media by connecting their own profiles to the media library.

Dashboard _ ContentStudio - Google Chrome 2021-12-02 05-15-02 (1).gif

3. Media Library Google Drive Integration

Content Studio embraces you with a google drive capability to manage your Media assets. It is one of the best solutions for an organization to manage its content. Through this, you can share the images with CS using their cloud storage. Learn more about this here

Conditions to integrate Google Drive.

  1. You'll be able to add those accounts which are saved or added in their browser or those accounts which are accessible in your browsers.
  2. The connected account will be visible in all the workspaces.
  3. In order to share the media with your team members on the drive, you need to make sure that they have access to the specific folder in your google drive.
  4. All the users can then access the media connecting their own profiles to the media library.

4. Media Library Bulk Action (delete, archive media content)

The Media library is upgraded with another improvement, that is the Bulk selection of assets in the media library. Now you can perform multiple actions using the bulk selection feature i.e

a-Move assets to archive.

b-Select a couple of assets and Delete them.

To learn your way around it follow this doc.

Untitled (22).png

5. Add post to Evergreen recipe.

Now you can add an article directly to evergreen automation with just a click. In order to add an article to evergreen automation, you need to make sure the following steps

a- There should be at least one evergreen automation in the workspace.

b- You have added at least two posts manually.

c- You will have to restart the automation cycle before they could post the desired post to their desired channels.


6. Caption Generation for Website

Since launching Roadmap, we've had requests for a more robust social caption generation for websites. This new feature adds the ability to generate captions on ContentStudio's website. This will allow you to generate captions for the links that you've provided in the text field.

Untitled (24).png

7. ALT Text

We have added the ALT text feature for Twitter in ContentStudio. You can use it on all the screens from where you can compose a post for Twitter. Learn more about this here.

Alt text uses:

  1. Adding alternative text to photos is first and foremost a principle of web accessibility. Visually impaired users using screen readers will be read an alt attribute to better understand an on-page image.

  2. Alt text will be displayed in place of an image if an image file cannot be loaded.

  3. Alt text provides better image context/descriptions to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly.

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

8. Post as a Page on Facebook Groups

A new Exciting feature has been added to ContentStudio which will help in Publishing the content on a page(s) or group(s) as an admin or as a page by selecting the choices given in the "Published As" Section.

MicrosoftTeams-image (9).png