ContentStudio changelog
ContentStudio changelog

UI/UX Improvements





Our devs have further enhanced the experience of our App for you 🏢

1. View Post Revamped:

  • Now our preview section in the composer provides the user with better visuals, such as a mobile preview option to see how your post looks when viewing on a phone 📱

My Video 2.gif

2. Asset Management

  • Thumbnails will now show the file type (photo, video, gif) instead of the format 👓


3. Social Post Mobile preview upgrades

  • Post mobile preview has been improved to allow scrolling on longer posts 🤩

My Video 1`.gif

4. Workspaces

  • You can now add a specific timezone to each workspace to ensure each brands scheduling is in sync with its locality ⌚

5. Feed View options upgraded (Publish->Planner->Feed View)

Our devs have added even more flexibility to the Feed view section. You can now directly:

  • View the statistics for the posts that are shared on Social Channels 📊
  • Duplicate or recycle successful posts ♻
  • Edit posts you wish to make some necessary and quick changes to ✍
  • Remove posts you believe have not fulfilled your requirements ✂
  • View the Label or Content Category your posts has been assigned to 🔖


YouTube direct Publishing





Our YouTube direct publishing feature is live!!🎉🎉🥂

Now you can add your YouTube account with the touch of a button 🔘

Additionally, our composer assistant now has access to YouTubes gargantuan library!📚 You can also get a mobile or desktop preview of your YouTube post.


Make comments, add tasks, and collaborate with team members on your posts to ensure top-notch quality on each of your posts.

Find your favourite videos or search for the strongest performing ones with our sorter. 🔭


It is said that videos are the most popular form of marketing as 86% of brands prefer video marketing. 🤯

Not only that, viewers are 2x more likely 😲 to share a video than they would an image. 📽

How do I get started?

  1. Get connected; follow this article to get your account connected.
  2. Go to Composer, click on Social Media Post.
  3. Select the YouTube account you connected to in step 1.
  4. Add in the video description, title. Select the desired additional options and categorizations. ℹ
  5. Click on Post Now. As soon as the upload is complete you will be notified.

To follow a more precise guide to publishing, read this article.

Refer & Earn





What if you could earn money without investing capital? 🤔

Hold on it's not what you're thinking, It's better!!😲

ContentStudio is providing you with a profitable 💰 opportunity with our Refer & Earn offer 🍾.

Allow me to explain; As a member of ContentStudio, We will provide you with a customised link that you can share through your networks 👬. Now anytime any one of those contacts make a purchase, we will give you your share of the profit!! 💵💵

How much profit exactly?

  • A 30% recurring commission per customer 🤑
  • Every 10 customers rewards you with $100 cash!!💲💲💲

How does it work?

  1. Go to Settings and click on Refer & Earn


  1. You will see a dashboard view of your Refer & Earn program statistics 📊, scroll down and you will see a Share on Social Media section. Copy that link 🔗


  1. Share this link through your networks and to contacts. That's it ✔

Social Composer - Mobile Preview 🔎





ContentStudio's latest feature, Social Composer - Mobile Preview is here! 🎈✨

Now, you can save time, and increase your productivity by creating Social Posts that look amazing on mobile and desktop. 💻📱

You can also show your clients how their Social posts will appear on mobile devices! 📞

Let me spill some statistics here!

Let's consider Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How often do you use social on mobile vs. web?

Social media's accessibility through the mobile application and its mobile website plays a crucial part in its success and usability.

  • In January 2021, around 98 percent of active users around the world used some form of cell phone to access the social media network.

  • There was an estimated 4.08 billion active mobile social media users worldwide.

  • 78% or 2.97 billion users will access networks exclusively on a mobile phone.

Mind-blowing, right? 😲😱

This means you need to make sure that your Social Posts for Mobile are optimized!


How Does Mobile Preview Work?

ContentStudio's Mobile Preview is quick and easy to use. 💃🏼

In just seconds, you can see how your text looks like and tweak your post accordingly.

Here's how:

  • Login to ContentStudio & create a Social Post by clicking on Composer.
  • Select your social media accounts. Add in your caption and image.
  • Click Preview by clicking the Post Preview 👀 button at the right of the editor screen.
  • Make your changes accordingly! 🤓
  • Post and schedule away! ✅

Bugs & Improvements





We have crushed the following bugs in the latest release. ✨

All the details ⏩

🐛 Bugs:

  • The Pinterest Reconnection issue has been fixed.
  • Onboarding issues fixed.
  • No more evergreen automation issues.
  • We have fixed the First Comment fetch issue which resulted while editing the content category post
  • We have fixed Inactive Social Media buttons on the Sign-up page
  • Email Verification process has been fixed.
  • Fixed Instagram Influencers' video preview.
  • LinkedIn Token expiration validity issue has been fixed.
  • Email generated after token expiry.

📈 Improvements

  1. Twitter Min. Social Engagement has been added to Article Links to Social Media Automation. 💬

Now, the user will be able to add a Minimum Social Engagement value against Twitter articles.

Untitled (65).png
  1. Onboarding Team Members pages have been revamped 📲
Untitled (66).png
  1. Type of Media Uploaded 📸

Users can see the type of attachments uploaded in the Planner. (JPEG, PNG)

  1. 'Last Updated at' field has been added to Planner
  1. Emojis in Comments & Internal Notes 💬
Untitled (68).png
  1. Engagement icon has been changed. 📃
Untitled (71).png
  1. Clear option has been added to Custom Topics and Automation Fields
Untitled (74).png
  1. A lot of exciting changes to Instagram Influencers!🆕

Our "Instagram influencers" just got so much better!

  • With our Instagram Business API, you'll get better and updated Instagram influencers' posts.
  • Only Verified Business and Professional accounts will be visible to the user.

This is all to make sure you interact with authentic and relevant Influencers!✅

Track your performance with all-new Twitter Analytics 📈





Knowing your Twitter performance can help with your growth, reach, engagement rate.

You can also monitor what kind of content works best with your audience, and based on these insights, create a dedicated community for your brand! 📲

Untitled (64).png

We are introducing a way to monitor your brand performance on Twitter with new designs, improved API access, and optimized metrics tracking.

What's new?

  • Easy-to-digest, visually attractive statistical graphs and charts 📊
  • Accurate analytics reporting 📃
  • Fetching data from Twitter quickly 🏃🏼‍♂️

So, head over to ContentStudio Analytics, and let us know what you think about this revamp!

It's a whole new Magical Onboarding World!





If you're an existing user but just made a new account for a ContentStudio, you might have thought "Something has changed around here! 🧐"

Well, let's just say you're 100% right!

😎 We've upgraded a few things related to the Design!

Keep an eye out for a brand new onboarding process! After verifying your email address, you'll be redirected to ContentStudio where the following steps will help you get started:

💻 Create a workspace for your brand.

Untitled (63).png

📲 Connect to at least one social account.

Untitled (62).png

💌 Invite your team members (the more, the merrier, amirite? Get your team (or your clients) to make sure they're on the same page. Of course, you can control the privacy settings and who sees what.)

MicrosoftTeams-image - 2021-04-08T155048.536.png

🎫 Select content categories for a smooth social media scheduling experience

MicrosoftTeams-image - 2021-04-08T155059.224.png

🔎 Select your Discover Content Ideas. This helps to personalize your ContentStudio experience based on what you would like to see!

MicrosoftTeams-image - 2021-04-08T155121.601.png

Did You #Hashtag It!?





Introducing Hashtags Suggestion! 💻

Whenever you search trending articles from Content Discovery, or pick up an article from the internet and drop it on the Social Composer, here's what happens:

We analyze the article for its content, evaluate the hashtag trends, and based on that, we show relevant, optimized hashtags. 💡

Screenshot (197).png

How does it help you? 🤔

Well, I'm sure you know how important hashtags are for social strategy in 2021.

Knowing exactly which hashtag is appropriate for each of the different articles you come across is gonna massively save your time. So, let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on other aspects of your business! 📝

💬 Related Topics and Keywords in Content Discovery





Our Content Discovery just got even better, and smarter.

🔎 Think bigger with Suggested Keywords 2.0:

Upon searching your desired keyword, you get suggested keywords and topics that you can potentially search trending articles for:

Screenshot (196).png

How does this work?

Consider the term "Content Marketing."

We present the related terms in terms of:

  • Semantics
  • Popularity
  • Relevance

Searching these relevant terms will help you broaden your queries to be more comprehensive, useful, and targeted. 📑

This means you'll be suggested to search for things you didn't think about searching before! Opening up a new world of variations for your content marketing content! 🌎

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements





The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Instagram influencers data has been updated.

  • We have fixed the invalid date issue in Safari for Analytics.

  • There is no longer any upload issue caused in the Media Library.

  • Composer text field disappearance issue has been fixed.

  • UTM link redirection problem has been fixed.

  • Billing Issues:

    • User transaction history pagination
    • API improvements
    • Increase/Decrease limitations
    • Purchase Automation Campaign Limitations
  • Modal now closes on Save Workspace.

UI Improvements

  • The tool now prevents the user to save an empty blog post in the Blog Composer.
  • We have added a Confirmation pop-up when the user clicks on the (X) button while creating an Automation Campaign.
  • In the Content Discovery, if the blog title is long, it shows up in two lines instead of three or more.
  • Few text alignments and instructional changes.
  • In the Workspace, there are no longer any multiple modal issues.
  • UTM text no longer overlaps in "Select from saved UTM presets"
  • A Content Category button has been disabled in case there's no social account selected.