Global Content Categories

If you have 50 workspaces and you need to publish the same content on all of them, what do you do? Managing this task manually would prove to be quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

The solution is Global Content Categories. Once a Global Content Category is created in a single workspace and the user selected the global workspace option. The category will be created in all of the workspaces on which the user is part of. No matter, if he is the collaborator, admin or super-admin.

The next thing you need to do is add the slots etc. Selecting the global category, you get two options.

• Add slots within this workspace

• Add slots in all workspaces.

A Global content category will be created in all workspaces with the same name. By default, all accounts in all workspaces will be selected. You'll be able to select/change accounts in each workspace individually after the creation of this category.

You'll be able to create slots in one or all workspaces using the "Add slot" button. We recommend having different slots in different workspaces to post the same content at different times.

Once the slots have been added, the next thing is post scheduling. On the post scheduling time, you only need to select the global content category and the content will be scheduled in all of the workspaces according to the time slot pre-defined in the global category.

Reset Content Category Slots

If you are unhappy with the time slots you have set for a particular content category or if they are conflicting with other publishing activities, you can simply reset the time slots for that particular content category with a click of a button.

Pressing the power icon against a content category resets all the time slots you have previously set for it. This eliminates the hassle of manually disabling each slot. The system will ask you for an action confirmation in case you have pressed the icon mistakenly to avoid any inconvenience.

Composer Module Improvements

We continuously improve the Composer Module to enable you to make eye-catching posts and improve your general workflow.

Lately, the following improvements have been made.

Saving Comments and Tasks

Now you can save all the comments and tasks on a particular project by using the Ctrl+Enter (Shortkey)

Multi-Line Comments

Previously all the text you wrote in the comments section was displayed in one line. With the latest improvement, you can add comments in multiple lines. Use the Shift + Enter (Shortkey) to move to the next line.

Add Images in Comment Section

To bring clarity to the text, it is always nice to include images. Now add images to the comments you make on posts. This will help your team understand the comment more clearly and you can avoid going back and forth on the explanation.

Total Comments on Posts

You can see the total number of comments on each post.

Similarly, you can view the number of incomplete or pending tasks against each post.

Drag n drop Feature in Social Composer

It has become a necessity to accompany your social media with an eyecatching, appropriate and relevant image.

Now you can Drag n Drop multiple images in the social media composer at once. This helps to add more information within a single post and generate better engagement.

Note that some social media channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram do not allow to post more than one image in a single post. In this case if you are uploading multiple images, it will take the first image as the source.

QuillBot Improvement

If you are short on time, content spinners are a great way to generate unique content to be shared with your audience. If you are big on content curation, you can spin an article or para which you like to get a unique copy for yourself. This relieves you any plagiarism and saves you tones of time.

ContentStudio has integrated QuillBot to help you spin content. The recent improvements to Quillbot will help you generate better and unique copies of your favorite articles.

  1. Performance Improvements
  2. Accuracy of the content
  3. Spinning content from the HTML: h1, h2, h3, h4, p, span, li tags.
  4. Added an option to find the usage of characters that are being done within today, this month or overall within the workspace.

These updates will not only generate distinct content but also keep an eye on the Quillbot usage quota. If you using the generic Quillbot API and exceed the allotted quota, the Quillbot will simply not spin the content for you anymore. This restriction has been imposed on the Quillbiot API.

You can also check the status of your quota by navigating to "Settings" then " Other Integrations" and see your usage under QuillBot

quillbot count.png

It is important to note that you must keep an eye on the content spin usage, so you do not exceed the credit limit you bought from QuillBot.

Bulk Upload Performance Enhancement

The Bulk Upload functionality is a great way to plan, schedule and publish month's worth of content in an instant. simply upload an excel sheet containing a message, time/ date, image URL and Link and the Bulk Scheduler will automatically schedule and post your content on social media channels.

With the improvement to the Bulk Scheduler, you can now upload large excel files within a matter of 30 seconds. This process previously used to take more time. Now the Bulk scheduler works as a true time saves even for larger files.

Manage Team members Through Workspace Settings

Team members are an essential component of a Workspace. Large teams and agencies need to know exactly which team members are working on what brand. This helps them get clarity regarding the work process, progress, and approval workflow.

We have unified the workspace and team management in one place so you can conveniently add, remove, and manage the roles of team members without navigation into the system settings.

Here you can change the roles and permissions of existing team members as well as add new ones. Note that you can only add team members to workspaces in which you are "Super Admin". You can also view existing team members in each workspace you are Super Admin.

Clicking on the "Add Member" opens a pop-up window where you can set team member role attributes.

Monitor Team Member Activities

For large teams and agencies, it is crucial to track and measure the activities of other team members so that everybody is on the same page. This eliminates the need for time-wasting meetings. Managers especially love to have a bird's eye view of what their team is up to.

Now in ContentStudio, you can keep track of work progress and team collaboration like the actions they performed for the specific social media post, etc.

Check which team member performed what action against a specific post. This gives you better control over the team's performance. You can also use it as KIP's to evaluate the team's performance.

Refresh Button Added to the Planner Module

This improvement is made in the planner section so you can view all the planned content even the one that was scheduled recently. Now you can instantly refresh your planner content listing to see and monitor the latest status of your posts.

Previously you had to refresh the whole page to check whether an article or post was successfully posted to your social or blog channels. Similarly, you had to refresh your browser to see if certain content was successfully scheduled into your planner or not.

With the addition of the Refresh button in the planner module, there is no need to refresh the browser. Just hit the refresh button and all scheduled updates are translated right away.

Content Category option added to Chrome Extension

To provide ease of access and empower you to create an ideal mix of content types, you can now assign an appropriate category to an article while you are reading in on the internet.

content categories.png

The content categories option has been added to the Chrome extension so you can post or schedule various types of content e.g. articles, videos, images, gifs, etc. This way you can ensure that your audience will not get bored from monotony.

All you need to do is update your Chrome extension if it is not already updated and enjoy categorizing content with a touch of a button.