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Trending content around the web and social media


With latest updates in the discovery module, you can quickly find trending content from Websites around the world, Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Imgur and other sources.

Each item is given a Trending Score based on its engagement level on different social media platforms. This literally hands over to you the most viral content on the web at your fingertips.

You can discover trending content in different regions by using the country and language filter.

New & Improved Composer


We have given the composer a fresh look and improved the user experience. Now creating a post from scratch is simply a drag and drop thing. You can quickly search for relevant content and add it to editor area. Moreover, you can add your own text in the form of commentary, reviews, and attribution to quickly create round-up or review posts.

Similarly, you can add nice looking video embeds from Youtube, Dailymotion, and Facebook into your post to give it a lift.

Not only that, you can also embed images & GIFs from Imgur, Giphy, Flickr, and Pixabay.

Go ahead and explore rest of the features by yourself.

Add our own new sources


One of the most awaited features is now live. Now you can add custom sources of your choice into the system. This feature has been added in Settings -> Sources.

Either enter a direct feed URL or search by keywords to find relevant feeds. Once the custom sources are added, you can use them in your topics after our discovery engine gathers content from those sources.

In near future, you will be able to add sources in the form of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles/pages.

Keep us posted with your suggestions here.

Default quick topics in 'Discovery'


We have added some pre-defined topics in the discovery module to make it easy for you to find content within some popular topic themes. Ability to add your own topics with your selection of keywords/domains has not been altered.

Please share your thoughts on the latest update we have released on our Twitter account.

Trending Content with Trending Score


Now trending content from around the web is literally at your fingertips. Every trending story gets a score based on the level of engagement on different social media sites.

A category named as "Trending" has been added to the discovery module for quick access.

New Image Enhancer


Quickly edit & enhance your images with literally a couple of clicks. This is by far the easiest image editor one can use to improve your images on the fly.

To access image enhancer, hover over any image you have already uploaded to the editor and click on 'Enhance' to load the image. Once you are done with changes, save the image and it will automatically replace the older image in editor.

You can also create memes out of your photos.

Team Members Roles & Permissions


To give better control over what you want to share with your team members and users, we have added roles and permissions.

Roles include 'Account Owner', 'Admin' and 'Contributor'.

Account Owner is automatically assigned to the person who created the main account and this cannot be changed. This user has access to everything.

Admin has access restrictions to Plan/Billing page and some integrations such as Spinner (at the moment). Admin can add, edit or remove team members.

Contributor has even higher access restrictions. It can only view & work with those profiles/page for which it has been given access by admin or account owner.

Next, we are working on creating a better workflow between team members. Stay tuned!

Add New Team Members


Now you can add more team members to your ContentStudio account. This will give you an option to easily share your account with multiple people without having to share your own credentials.

This feature was added on an urgent priority upon request from one of our power users. We are still working on adding more options such as 'Roles', 'Access level' to give better control over permissions.

Link Shortener


We have just added the feature to automatically shorten the links you share on social media using and shorteners.

We will be adding more shortener domains in future, including a built-in shortener service by ContentStudio. This will give us more control over shortened links to track activity and provide analytical details to you.

Social Media Automation is Here


Many of you were demanding to automate content posting on your social media profiles and pages without the need to share content on your blog. The feature is here...

When creating automation campaigns, you can select if you want to set it for blog posts or social media posts.

Then, you can set the rules to filter content according to your topic that will be automatically published on your social pages. You can start with flexible rules first and add more filters where you see the problem.

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