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Add our own new sources


One of the most awaited features is now live. Now you can add custom sources of your choice into the system. This feature has been added in Settings -> Sources.

Either enter a direct feed URL or search by keywords to find relevant feeds. Once the custom sources are added, you can use them in your topics after our discovery engine gathers content from those sources.

In near future, you will be able to add sources in the form of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles/pages.

Keep us posted with your suggestions here.

Default quick topics in 'Discovery'


We have added some pre-defined topics in the discovery module to make it easy for you to find content within some popular topic themes. Ability to add your own topics with your selection of keywords/domains has not been altered.

Please share your thoughts on the latest update we have released on our Twitter account.

Trending Content with Trending Score


Now trending content from around the web is literally at your fingertips. Every trending story gets a score based on the level of engagement on different social media sites.

A category named as "Trending" has been added to the discovery module for quick access.

New Image Enhancer


Quickly edit & enhance your images with literally a couple of clicks. This is by far the easiest image editor one can use to improve your images on the fly.

To access image enhancer, hover over any image you have already uploaded to the editor and click on 'Enhance' to load the image. Once you are done with changes, save the image and it will automatically replace the older image in editor.

You can also create memes out of your photos.

Team Members Roles & Permissions


To give better control over what you want to share with your team members and users, we have added roles and permissions.

Roles include 'Account Owner', 'Admin' and 'Contributor'.

Account Owner is automatically assigned to the person who created the main account and this cannot be changed. This user has access to everything.

Admin has access restrictions to Plan/Billing page and some integrations such as Spinner (at the moment). Admin can add, edit or remove team members.

Contributor has even higher access restrictions. It can only view & work with those profiles/page for which it has been given access by admin or account owner.

Next, we are working on creating a better workflow between team members. Stay tuned!

Add New Team Members


Now you can add more team members to your ContentStudio account. This will give you an option to easily share your account with multiple people without having to share your own credentials.

This feature was added on an urgent priority upon request from one of our power users. We are still working on adding more options such as 'Roles', 'Access level' to give better control over permissions.

Link Shortener


We have just added the feature to automatically shorten the links you share on social media using and shorteners.

We will be adding more shortener domains in future, including a built-in shortener service by ContentStudio. This will give us more control over shortened links to track activity and provide analytical details to you.

Social Media Automation is Here


Many of you were demanding to automate content posting on your social media profiles and pages without the need to share content on your blog. The feature is here...

When creating automation campaigns, you can select if you want to set it for blog posts or social media posts.

Then, you can set the rules to filter content according to your topic that will be automatically published on your social pages. You can start with flexible rules first and add more filters where you see the problem.

Multiple Bug Fixes and Improvements


In between all the amazing new stuff we're releasing the team is hard at work on lots of little items like bug fixes and minor improvements. Here's the latest:

  • Now you can include and exclude domains in 'Topics' to keep your content feeds exactly as you need.
  • More from this domain' option has been added in content feeds to quickly get more content from the same domain.
  • Ability to add the profile picture for your ContentStudio account has been added.
  • Character count-down problem at a couple of occasions has been fixed.
  • Improved content quality of dozens of websites (this activity happens on a regular basis).
  • Improved the way to select social profiles when sharing posts.
  • Improvements in search accuracy
  • Multiple problems with Wordpress API have been fixed.
  • Method to select Facebook pages for integration has been improved.

Topic-Based Content


Now you can easily create topics with keywords that best match your topic of interest. After creating a topic, our backend algorithm will fetch content according to your query and it will be updated automatically under your topic. Add irrelevant keywords in the excluded list to get the best content for your topic.

Some enhancements are already under development such as:

1) Ability to exclude/include certain URLs from the topic

2) Advanced search operators

3) Related keywords suggestions

4) Related domain suggestions

Once these additions will be added, this module will definitely become extremely powerful for content marketers.

New Interface


You must have seen that already when you logged into your ContentStudio account today. 

We are gradually moving towards an enterprise-level platform with all the new features being added. Along with UI/UX modifications, we have improved the speed of different modules to provide a better user experience. 

There are some more speed optimizations already planned that will make it an even more joyful experience to manage content for your blog and social media accounts from ContentStudio platform.

Linkedin Integration


We are pleased to announce that Linkedin integration for social sharing of your blog posts and statuses has been completed. You can easily integrate your Linkedin profile with ContentStudio from social media settings page. Once integrated, your profile will start to appear at all the places from where you can share it on Linkedin.

New Image Sources Added


We have added 3 new images sources in Curation module.

  • Imgur
  • Giphy
  • Pixabay

Imgur is often described as the world’s greatest procrastination site and the perfect way to spend an afternoon, Imgur (pronounced “image-err”) makes it easy to discover the most awesome images on the Internet.

Giphy is your top source for the best & newest GIFs & Animated Stickers online. Find everything from funny GIFs, reaction GIFs, unique GIFs and more.

Pixabay has over 720000 high quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.

Many more new sources are in progress...Stay tuned!

Built-in Image Editor


We have added an image editor in Curation module to make it easy for you to edit images before published. This was one of the most demanded features by our existing members. It will help you create memes and other types of appealing images in a matter of minutes.

There are several ways you can make use of image editor.

1) Create a new image

This option is available for both Wordpress featured images and Social media post images as shown in figures below.

When you click on any of these buttons, an image editor will open in a new dialog box where you can add image by URL, upload from your computer or create one from scratch.

2) Edit an existing image

The second option is to edit an existing image. The good thing about this is that when you are done making changes, the old image will automatically be replaced by the new one.

You can edit images from two locations.

  • Featured Image

  • Social Media Image

When you click on edit, image editor will open with existing image already loaded into it so that you don't have to upload it. Once you are done making edits, click 'Save', the edited image will automatically be replaced in your ContentStudio platform from where you picked it up.

Massive updates in Curation Module


We have divided Curation module into two sub-modules.

1. Composer

2. Planner


In this section, you will now be able to compose 'Blog posts' or 'Social media posts' separately.

Depending upon the platform you choose, you will be presented with a composer/editor with relevant settings.

Now you can quickly add summary or full blog post in the composer section using "Add to Composer" dropdown button.

Similarly, you can share an article on your social media pages by instantly adding it to the social media composer and scheduling it according to your needs.

Preview section has been improved for better visibility and user interaction. Now you can copy and paste any section into the composer with a single click.

We have also added quite a few new sources as well, such as:

  • Imgur
  • Giphy
  • Pixabay

This will help you find relevant free stock images to add to your blog posts or social media posts.

We have also integrated a built-in image editor to give you the ability to edit images according to your needs.

Using image editor, you can either create your own images, upload images from your computer or edit any existing image.


This section brings an editorial calendar for you to view your posting schedule of all the curated posts. You can also make changes in the schedule by dragging and dropping an element into a different date-slot.

In the social media composer, we have added scheduling options for social media posts so that you can easily schedule a post for a later time and date.

You can see there is an option for 'Repeat Posting', this will help you publish the same post multiple times to your social media pages according to your selected schedule. Marketers have been using this technique to gain more exposure to their social media posts, so this was an inevitable feature for us to add and it was also requested by multiple users.

That's it...there are lots of more features that you should experience by yourself as the amount space is limited here to explain all the features.

Lazy Load in Discovery Section


In the 'Discovery' section, previously, we had pagination to move from one page to another and go through multiple pages of results. Now that has been replaced with lazy loading feature which means that as soon as you reach towards the bottom of the page, new results will automatically be loaded instantly. This will improve user experience and reduce the time it took to view more results.

Duplicate Posts - Solved!


Some members were having problems with duplicate posts on their Wordpress. We have added more aggressive checks on the backend to address this issue. Now any post will only be published once on your Wordpress blog.

Backend Infrastructure Change


We are now using Elasticsearch for fetching data from the databases. This has greatly improved the speed when fetching results in Discovery and Curation modules.  Elasticsearch will help us provide the most powerful full-text search capabilities. We are now working on better topic modelling and revealing more insights from data. 

Improved System Notifications


We have changed the way system notifications looked before. Now you will get a clear view of your actions and instantly know if the process was successfully completed or it failed (and what was the reason of failure). 

Speed Optimizations


  • All your posts will now go into a queue that will be automatically processed by the system. This change was performed because content Spinning and Translation takes time and previously the user had to wait until those operations were performed in the backend. But now all the computation extensive tasks will be done in the background so that you can continue using the platform without any waiting times.
  • We have also worked on reducing the time it took to fetch articles and videos. You will see more speedy operations in future as we are migrating to better infrastructure.

Multiple Quick Fixes


  • Change of category in 'Discovery -> Content' section was not working for a short period of time due to some recent updates. If you are still facing the problem, refresh your page by pressing CTRL + F5 and it will sort out the problem.
  • Temporary search problem in Curation module when searching with any keyword in the search bar. This was also fixed quickly as we noticed the problem.
  • Built-in spinner sometimes didn't spin the articles. This has been fixed.

Articles Preview Improved


We have improved the preview version of articles/posts in Discovery and Curation sections. Now it contains the featured image of the article in the preview section and also styling of text and images is much better now.Here's how it looks now in the curation module.

Multiple Additions


These additions are the result of new features requested by some of our members. Other feature requests are in the development queue. Here is the list of things added in this update.
  • We have added source link in the Content Preview in the "Discovery" module.
  • You can now request multiple sources at once from the "Source Request" section. Add one URL per line and it will be automatically processed as a separate source.
  • An option to strip links from the article before publishing it to your website has been added. 

Built-in Spinner Quality Improved


We have improved the back-end infrastructure for our built-in spinner to provide the highest quality possible for your spun content. 

We are still working on improving it even further. At the moment it is comparable to any of the top 3rd party content spinners, however it will become one of the best content spinners in the industry in future updates.

A New Way To Add Your Wordpress Website


Some of our members were facing problems because of XML-RPC limitations. So, we have introduced a new way to connect your Wordpress site with ContentStudio. This method uses Wordpress Rest API for all the communication between ContentStudio and your Wordpress site.

Now, while adding your website, you will see a dropdown to choose between Wordpress API and XML-RPC.

Please note that using Wordpress API should be your preferred choice and it requires you to install 2 plugins in your existing Wordpress site before adding your website details in ContentStudio.

A complete help guide is available in our knowledgebase at the link given below:

Note: If you have websites already configured with the XML-RPC method and you are having any issues, please install the 2 plugins and notify us so that we can change the posting method to Wordpress API for those websites.

User Interface (Menu Items) Changes


We have changed the way menu items were grouped and displayed before. This change has been carried out to make it easy for users to differentiate between Discovery, Curation, and Automation modules.Here's how the old menu items looked like...

  • We have moved the 'Websites' menu item in the 'Manage' drop down items with the name "My Websites".
  • Similarly 'Discovery' for both content and videos has been merged under one menu item.
  • 'Curation' has been moved out to the top because this is one of the main features of ContentStudio and lots of users were finding difficult to locate that module.
  • 'Automation' module for both content and videos has been merged under one menu item. 
  • 'Source Request' has been moved under the graduation hat menu item (icon).

We know some of you may find it difficult to locate some modules in the first go but we have made these changes keeping in view the bigger picture about the upcoming feature additions.

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